Linda Ronstadt reacts to Selena Gomez playing her in biopic

When it comes to singing and acting, Selena Gomez has made it clear that her first priority is her job as an actress. Luckily, fans will get to see her do both in her next big movie. She will play the 1970s music icon in the Linda Ronstadt biopic.

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On January 10, both Gomez and Ronstadt updated fans on the casting process through social media campaigns. Gomez posted an Instagram story showcasing Ronstadt's 2014 memoir " Simple Dreams ," writing, "It all started with a simple dream," according to The Hollywood Reporter . Fans also noticed that Ronstadt's official Instagram account started following Gomez. Additionally, her account shared her "It all started with a simple dream" Instagram Story, this time Gomez's casting was announced in a Variety article, which was also posted on Facebook published on.

Ronstadt's post subtly but clearly highlighted her excitement for Gomez to play her in the upcoming biopic. These include eyes and two hearts emojis. Beyond that, TMZ's sources say Ronstadt personally signed Gomez's contract. They reportedly had the opportunity to meet and discuss the project at Ronstadt's home a few months ago.

Instagram/Screenshot via Selena Gomez Fan Acc

mutual compliments in the past

Even before the cast was revealed, Gomez and Ronstadt praised each other. In 2015, Gomez said on Power 106's Cruz Show that her Revival album cover was inspired by country, rock and Latin music legends. "It looks like a Linda Ronstadt photo, from the '70s. ... It's beautiful," she said. "I'm proud of that."

Ronstadt recently spoke about Gomez in an interview with ABC's Latin Music Revolution special, which aired as part of the Soul of the Nation series in September. "I think she's great," she said. "I think she's cute."

Ronstadt also discussed their shared Mexican-American heritage and compared Gomez to her in that they both sing in Spanish but don't speak Spanish. As for her acting skills, she was also impressed. "She's a good actress," Ronstadt added. "I saw her in Murder in the Building . It was so funny. She was so good."

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Few details are known about the film, but Gomez will help bring Ronstadt's life to the screen. Ronstadt, 77, began her music career in the late 1960s as a member of a three-piece band called the Stone Poneys. They had their first hit, "Different Drum" in 1967, and she went on to achieve great success as a solo artist in the 1970s. Like Gomez, she also recorded in Spanish and English. Over the years, she has won 11 Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.