Taylor Swift's 'The Albatross' Lyrics Go Viral on TikTok

The torture poet department is full of investigators. Ever since Taylor Swift released her new album on April 19, Swift has been digging every lyric, especially after Taylor Swift revealed that "Tortured Poets" is a Double album, after the second part is titled "The Anthology" .

The meaning of "Albatross" is currently going viral on TikTok, with fans connecting the seemingly ancient story to her relationship with Travis Kelce. Swift begins the song in the third person, citing advice from "wise men" and warning a shameful woman. However, the fact that the albatross is one of the largest flying birds clearly indicates that Swift is using it as a metaphor.

"She's an albatross, she's here to destroy you," Swift sings on the first song. In the second chorus, she adds, "The devil you know brings worse hell than a stranger/She's your chosen death and you're in terrible danger."

But at the end of the song, Swift switches to first person, calling herself an albatross. Some TikTok users have speculated that the song is a show of support and comfort for her boyfriend Kelce, noting that in the first two verses she sings from the perspective of a critic, warning her current lover of the dangers of being with her.

Travis Kelce celebrates with Taylor Swift after defeating the Baltimore Ravens on January 28, 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland. Patrick Smith/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When she switches the song's perspective to herself on the bridge, Swift dismisses their concerns ("Wise men once read fake news, and they believed it") and promises that no matter what happens, she'll be there, even if it's rolling She was thought to be cunning and dangerous.

"So I cross my mindless heart and spread my wings like a parachute," she sings in the final chorus. "I'm the albatross, I got caught up in the rescue/The devil you knew now looks more like an angel/I'm the life you chose, with all these terrible dangers."

TikToker @taylorsizzle pointed out that "The Albatross" references a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge titled "The Song of the Ancient Mariner," in which a sailor shoots an albatross, believing it to be bad luck, But then he was cursed for not leaving the albatross behind.

Some fans saw this as an analogy referring to both her critics and her ex. "It would be great if they respected her and treated her well, they would have been Taylor Lautner," the TikToker said, nodding to Swift's ex-boyfriend, who remains her friend.

albatross lyrics

Read the full lyrics to the song below.

A wise man once said: "Strong winds will blow out candles"
A rose by any other name is a scandal
After giving the warning, he stood up and fired at the messenger
They tried to warn him about her.
Only wine can nourish you through your thoughtless heart
She's an albatross, she's here to destroy you
A wise man once said, “One bad seed can ruin the garden.”
"One less temptress, one less dagger to be sharpened."
Lock me in the tower, but I'll visit you in my dreams
They're trying to warn you about me.
Cutting through your ignorant heart, only wine can nourish you
She's an albatross, she's here to destroy you
The devil you know creates worse hell than a stranger
She is your chosen death and you are in terrible danger
When the sky rains fire down on you
And you are persona non grata
I'll also tell you how I got there
and none of this matters
Wise men once read fake news and believed it
The jackal raises his mane, you can't imagine
You were sleeping soundly when they dragged you out of bed
I tried to warn you about them
So I crossed my mindless heart
Spread my wings like a parachute
I'm an albatross, I'm involved in the rescue
The devil you knew now looks more like an angel
I'm the life you chose and all these terrible dangers
So cross your mindless heart
She's an albatross, she's here to destroy you