Florence Pugh had embarrassing accident while filming Oppenheimer

Florence Pugh shares details of an embarrassing accident on the set of Oppenheimer .

Pugh plays psychiatrist Gene Tatlock, the love interest of Cillian Murphy's J. Robert Oppenheimer, in Christopher Nolan's historical drama.

According to People , Pugh recalled the experience of filming the Oscar-nominated film during a recent Q&A with Universal Pictures, revealing that she and Murby encountered unfortunate technical issues while filming the intimate scenes.

Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy in "Oppenheimer." Universal/"Oppenheimer"

"We are all naked"

Pugh explained in the Q&A that the camera malfunctioned while filming the sex scene. "No one knew this, but it was true. Our camera broke when we were all naked, which was not ideal timing," she said.

"Cillian and I were in this room together, and it was a closed set, so we were both holding our bodies," she continued, adding that a photographic surgeon eventually came to save them. "I thought, 'Okay, this is my learning moment. So, tell me, what's wrong with this camera?"

Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy. Dave Bennett/Getty Images Universal Pictures

Murphy has talked about sex scenes before

Murphy previously discussed Oppenheimer 's sex scenes in a 2023 interview with GQ , calling them "crucial in this movie."

"I think his relationship with Jean Tatlock is one of the most important emotional parts of the film," he continued. "I think if they're key to the story, then they're worth it."

While Murphy considers it a necessity, "nobody likes to do" sex scenes. "They're the most embarrassing part of our job. But sometimes you have to get on with it," he added.

Oppenheimer 's Florence Pugh. Universal/"Oppenheimer"

Pugh is censored in a scene

In some Asian and Middle Eastern countries, Pugh's nude scenes were censored for adding a computer-generated black dress.

Oppenheimer 's visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson revealed to Metro in November 2023 that he didn't realize CGI had been added until after the film was released.

"I do think it's weird that there's no CG component in the movie, that's the only thing," Jackson told the outlet.