Selling The OC's Alex Hall Starts Dating TikTok Exec in Season 3

Spoilers for The OC Season 3 coming soon . After their hot tub makeout in the Season 2 finale of The OC , Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland are trying to take their friendship to the next level in Season 3. But after weeks of miscommunication and frustration, their relationship didn't work out. However, it wasn't long before Hall moved on.

In the new season, which airs on Netflix on May 3, the real estate agent begins dating a mysterious TikTok executive, whom she describes as the "Director of Global Marketing." In fact, when a planned trip to Nashville with Stanaland fell through, she flew to Vegas with TikTok people.

However, he did not appear on the show and his name was never revealed. Instead, Hall described him only as "very successful" and "alpha." Her co-star, Alexandra Rose, said she noticed Hall tagged her new boyfriend on Instagram, but the posts no longer appeared on her main feed.

Of course, her trip wasn't a pleasant one for Stanaland, considering they were still working through their feelings for each other. "I know Hall and others were in Vegas," he said in a confessional. "She wants to have her cake and eat it too, so, you know, don't give me a third degree."

Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland talk selling OC. Netflix

Hall later met the TikTok employee in London, where he was planning to move for work, and told Stanaland she planned to visit him there again. "Honestly? He's a trap," she said. "On paper, I couldn't actually create him if I wanted to. It's perfect." During the show, she planned to spend time in Italy with him, but by the finale, her relationship status was unclear.

As she told Bustle in an exclusive interview, she and the TikTok guy are "no longer dating" and she couldn't reveal any more information. "He was a very private person," she said. "He was pursuing his career and dreams in London. As a working single mum, my priority was here. So, unfortunately, that became unrealistic."