Why Bachelor Kim Fans Didn't See Leslie Cheung's $60,000 Dress

The first season of "The Bachelor" was a hit on November 30, and fans are still talking about what they saw. Runner-up Leslie Fhima's comment about "that $60,000 dress" is a topic that continues to spark discussion. Fans thought they saw the dress in a previous promo, but it turns out the dress didn't get the final rose either.

Amid speculation, Bachelor franchise stylist Cary Fetman and designer Randi Rahm have cleared up the story of the famously expensive dress. They told Bachelor Nation that both Fhima and eventual winner Theresa Nist had the opportunity to try on and choose from a variety of looks before filming the finale. Lamm sent Fetterman "a collection of about 15 items of clothing" that she thought might be a good fit. “One of the ones that didn’t end up being selected was $60,000,” Lamm said.

Chaos in attire

Fhima almost chose the $60,000 dress; Fetterman told Bachelor Nation it was her second choice. During her breakup with Turner, she appeared to mix up the price tags of her last two outfits. "The only good thing about it is, now I don't have to walk down in that $60,000 dress with diamond earrings, get on that platform and feel completely embarrassed," she told him.


Ram confirmed that instead, Fima's final choice was the blue gown that fans glimpsed in the promo. "Leslie chose a classic strapless dress in a bold, beautiful color," she said. “Leslie’s dress is what I call a Grace Kelly gown. It’s a beautiful chiffon and if you get up close to it you can see the texture of the different fabrics mixed together. It’s really a very Beautiful thing.”

Eye-popping price tag

Ram didn't reveal the price of the dress Fhima ultimately chose, but it's safe to say it was expensive, too. She previously told Insider that her clothes were "very, very expensive." In addition to calling them "arts of art," she also explained that they are "one-of-a-kind." According to Ram's rep, her "diamond dress" has been worn by several past Bachelorette leads, including Clare Crawley and Jojo Fletcher, and the price Prices range from $30,000 to $75,000.

If ABC heeds the call from fans and adds The Bachelorette to The Bachelor franchise, we're sure to see more of Rahm's costumes in the spinoff. She has been working with The Bachelorette star since the show began in 2003. As for Fhima, she's a front-runner among fans of the show, so she and the $60,000 dress will likely appear on screen.