Jessica Biel answers fan questions about her divisive shower eating habits

After becoming a mom in 2015, Jessica Biel's life got even busier. The Candy star had to figure out how to balance it all, so she discovered shower eating. She's been open about her multitasking life tips since at least 2016, but her fans still have a lot of questions and opinions. In fact, Bill recently responded to all this interest by posting a TikTok about his meal-in-the-shower routine.

unusual habits

Bell, who has two sons with husband Justin Timberlake, took to TikTok on Dec. 27 to share a list of "shower-friendly items" with her fans. Her suggestions include cereal, yogurt, coffee, tea and popsicles. "I love eating and drinking in the shower," she admits.

Less than a month later, Biel decided to answer the "shower diet question," quipping that she wanted to "start a movement." "I think for people who are multitasking, it's going to be a huge relief in a lot of ways," she said. She then goes on to share her simple "shower feeding rules," which essentially boil down to using a ledge (if you have one), not letting soap get on the food, and keeping your mouth closed when chewing to keep water out.

“I find it very satisfying,” Bill added.

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trial and error

Eating in the shower is nothing new for Bill. In February 2017, months before appearing on The Tonight Show , she posted a photo on Instagram showing an empty plate, a fork and a cup of espresso on her shower floor. "Yes, I eat in the shower," she wrote in the caption of the since-deleted post. "I admit it. Chicken apple sausage and espresso. Give it a try. I bet you."

Host Jimmy Fallon showed her the photo and asked about it during the interview. "This is life as a mom," she told him. Although she admitted she didn't know "if anyone else did this," she said she was so busy as the mother of an only son at the time that she often forgot to eat and had to take food with her to the shower.

"This is awesome," she told Fallon, before pointing out that some foods work better than others. "Sometimes it's a huge success. Sometimes it's a huge failure."

Jessica Biel hosts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on February 16, 2017 NBC/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Open for suggestions

Despite years of practice — her two sons, Silas and Phineas, are now 8 and 3, respectively — she's still honing the art of shower eating. On January 27, Biel posted another TikTok about her hack, in which she captured her "first shower diet advice" from a follower. The recommended item was blood oranges, which she said were "very good" and she called for further recommendations.

Her followers have been throwing out more ideas, from steak and lobster to cheese-wrapped grapes, but not everyone wants to try eating them in the shower themselves. One person commented: "Why not just take a quick shower and then eat, that's too much." Elsewhere, a viewer advocated eating in the shower to avoid "splash back and soggy [food] ]". Others have embraced or plan to try the shower diet, so we'll see if this movement takes off.