Jodie Turner Smith opens up about her divorce from Joshua Jackson

Jodie Turner Smith opens up about her divorce from Joshua Jackson for the first time.

In October 2023, Turner-Smith filed for divorce after nearly three years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the separation.

She opened up about the split in a recent interview with The Times , sharing what prompted her decision to end her marriage. “Sometimes the things we really want to do don’t end up happening,” she explains. "That's okay." The most important thing is that you choose what is healthiest for you and your family, and of course, your children. "

The actor went on to say that she doesn't consider her "wonderful" marriage a "failure," adding, "It's time for a new moment for both of us. How exciting."

“The bravest thing in the world is to recognize that something isn’t working and take action,” she continued. "The biggest takeaway is that it's as much love and joy as ever. It's just about taking a step toward a better life for everyone involved."

In an interview with The Times , the actor also encouraged others to examine whether they are happy in their relationships. "If the answer is no, then you have to take action because I believe that remaining in a place that is not good for us will leave visible scars," she added. “They don’t just affect us, they affect everyone around us.”

Joshua and Judy's relationship

Jackson and Turner-Smith first met in November 2018 at Usher's 40th birthday party. Less than a year later, in August 2019, the couple tied the knot at a Beverly Hills courthouse.

Turner-Smith revealed that she became pregnant with the couple's first child on Valentine's Day 2020, and welcomed their daughter, Juno Rose Diana, in April of that year.

Jodie Turner Smith and Joshua Jackson at the 2022 Met Gala. WWD/Penske Media/Getty Images

The "Queen & Slim" star previously reflected on the attention surrounding her relationship with Jackson in a December 2022 interview with Bustle. "I think a lot of it was because I was married to a white man," she said at the time. "I'm married to a white man who has been in the public eye for decades and, you know, he's been the guy that the tabloids love to talk about."

In another interview with Bustle, Jackson also opened up about their marriage, saying they always tried to stay together while working.

"I'm very invested in Judy's career," he said. "Selflessly, because I want to see her shine and achieve the goals she worked so hard for. But at the same time, selfishly, I think it makes her a happier wife, a happier mother, a more fulfilled person. "