Colin and Penelope's carriage scene makes Bridgerton fans melt

Nothing excites Bridgerton fans more than the words "carriage scene"—unless, of course, seeing it on screen.

In Julia Quinn's Romancing Mr. Bridgerton , Colin and Penelope's first intimate moment occurs about halfway through the novel on a carriage ride. Given that Season 3 is launching in two parts, fans are worried whether key scenes will appear in the first batch of episodes (airing May 16) or if they'll have to wait longer to see #Polin appear.

Luckily, showrunner Jesse Brownell knew what needed to be done. She recently told Bustle that the show "wanted to give people a little boost before disappearing for a month."

There is indeed juice! Fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to celebrate every detail of Colin and Penelope's carriage ride, which quickly became an all-time great in Bridgerton- obsessed canon.


Fans often enjoy picking out the perfect song for the Bridgerton couple, but few could have predicted that Mr. Universe himself would score the first soundtrack for Colin and Penelope in 2011's "Give Me Everything."

As Brownell told Bustel, "It was an unlikely choice. But the structure of the song is so emotionally rich. For a relationship that took a long time to come to fruition, it felt like You need something really cinematic and dramatic."


The unexpected tune quickly became a hit in the third season of Bridgerton . As some fans pointed out, it was the perfect choice for the culmination of Colin and Penelope's long-burning feelings for each other. "Like the end. Penelope and Colin got it all sorted. About damn time," one user wrote.

Another fan declared Pauline's Pitbull moment to be their new "Roman Empire" - and it's the same thing.

sweet details

Their carriage soon became hot and heavy. But fans pointed out that even in such a panic, Colin still made sure to fix Penelope's clothes and hair after arriving at the Bridgerton home. "I love it when a man can do both," one user wrote.

Another said: "Colin kissed her so softly and then put her clothes back on and fixed her hair in such a gentle way." "Penelope may have fallen first but he definitely fell Even more powerful."

surprise proposal

After their passionate moment, Colin realizes there is only one way forward. "For God's sake, Penelope Featherington," he said, motioning for her to leave the carriage with him. "Do you want to marry me or not?"

Many fans loved the off-the-cuff suggestion, while for those less in touch, fans of the books pointed out that it was pulled straight from the page. "True Romance Bridgerton fans are in for a treat," said one reader.

"They were so honored to be romancing Mr. Bridgerton," another wrote. "The last ten minutes of 'Bridgerton S3 Part 1' had me crying with joy."


Some viewers also pointed out Colin's determined expression before exiting the carriage. "You could see the moment he decided 'I'm going to propose to my best friend' and went for it without hesitation," one fan said.

Another said, "You can clearly see the moment when he has an eureka moment and decides what to do next because it's so obvious to him."