Viral TikTok interprets Taylor Swift's 'tribute' to Matty Healy in new video

Ever since Taylor Swift released her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department , her fans have been trying to decipher every possible clue she left behind about her love life. While many Swifties expected the album to focus on her breakup with Joe Alwyn after six years together, her brief romance with Matty Healy in mid-2023 may have been the inspiration for some of the album's biggest songs. The list might even include Tortured Poets ' first single "Fortnight (feat. Post Malone)" and its Easter egg-filled music video.


"Two Weeks" is about a short but intense relationship. "Two weeks there, we were together forever," Swift sings in the chorus. Her lyrics depict an imagined scenario where two exes are married but still have to meet. She captures the difficulty of the situation with lines like "I love you and it's ruining my life."

According to TikToker Kelsie Carlos, Tortured Poets' other songs seem to talk about Healy more blatantly than "Fortnight," but its music video is full of tributes to his band. As a fan of Swift and The 1975, she describes herself as "knowing so much about them." She put that knowledge to good use, breaking down the now-viral "biweekly" videos on TikTok and explaining how she thinks Swift paid "homage" to Healy.

Taylor Swift stars in "Fortnightly" music videoTaylor Swift/YouTube

Marty Healey "Tribute"

The TikTok showcases Carlos' deep dive into "Fortnight" and 11 ways she thinks Swift referenced "1975." The visuals of the "Fortnight" music video were important to her, analyzing the black-and-white aesthetics, laboratory settings, silent film-style makeup and more. She explains that several specific symbols are equally persuasive, especially the box, a common shape in the band's logo and a recurring shape in their work.

"For my fans from 1975, you know this box very well," Carlos said. "While Taylor's brain was being pounded into forgetting about the man she was talking about in the song - Marty - she was actually in the box."

The similarities are endless, and many in her comments section understood what she meant by her "tribute" to Swift. “She made it so obvious,” one person wrote. Another fan added: "As a fan of this album being released in 1975 it's crazy to me. I feel like we all got our own little easter egg from Taylor."

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The Tormented Poet section is now available.