Daisy Kent tried to 'force' a relationship with Bachelor Joey Graziardi

Bachelorette Daisy Kent is opening up about her time on the show. During the April 2 episode of The Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast, she discussed her relationship with Joey Graziardi, admitting that "there was always something missing" between them during filming.

"I kind of tried to force it out there because I feel like we're similar in a lot of ways," the Season 28 runner-up said. "For a while on the show, I just ignored it. And then when it got to the finale, I was like, 'Yeah. I was right. There was something missing between us."

In the dramatic finale on March 25, Daisy shocked fans by committing suicide before Joey handed her final role to season 28 winner Kelsey Anderson.

During the interview, Daisy also revealed that she first noticed an "energy" between Joey and Kelsey back home, but "just blocked it out" at the time. “I was filled with anxiety,” she said. "Everything started hurting my whole body. I was like, 'This doesn't feel right.'"

Daisy recalled her self-elimination in the finale, saying she had informed Kelsey of her plans ahead of time. “The reason I talked to Kelsey was from a friendship standpoint,” she said. "I know they all care about me and I want them to know I'm going to be okay and that I support them."

The Bachelor 's Joey Graziardi and Daisy Kent. Disney/John Fleno

As viewers were shocked by her shocking Bachelor exit, Daisy revealed there was "a lot more" to the women's conversation that fans didn't see.

"[We] just talked about how I felt, talked about how she felt, talked about [how] we wanted the best for each other," Daisy said. "She knew it was her and she knew it wasn't me. She said, 'I've been worried about you all week because I thought that was going to be me.'"

During a Bachelor happy hour appearance in March, Kelsey shared her honest reaction to Daisy's explosive finale, revealing that her "wonderful" costar "does have good intentions."