Jules & Micah almost kiss in Grey's Anatomy Season 20 finale

The Grey's Anatomy Season 20 finale was filled with quite a bit of chaos in one hour: from Joe's unexpected pregnancy to Katherine firing several surgeons, leaving their fates at the hospital unknown. But for many fans, the biggest takeaway from the May 30 episode was that Jules and Mika almost kissed — seemingly taking the budding ship to the next level.

However, fans soon discovered a detail that could cause trouble for the pair.

Is #Julesmika confirmed?

To recap: A few weeks ago, Grey's fans noticed that Jules and Mika seemed very close together while studying for their residency exams. Then, in the finale, the two console each other after losing a patient during surgery.

"This isn't going to work," Mika said after the setback, her confidence visibly shaken. Jules took her hand and led her friend through breathing exercises, then the surgeon brought their foreheads together and slowly leaned in for a kiss.

While the tender moment was cut short before it could go any further, it marked an important step for the nascent #Julesmika ship — and fans reacted accordingly. "I know ITTTT," one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), while another declared that Jules and Mika "need to be like yesterday."

Disney/Anne Marie Fox

Behind the scenes twist

However, they may not stand a chance: Midori Francis, who plays Micah, is reportedly leaving Grey's Anatomy . Deadline recently reported that while Frances is in talks to end her role, she won't be a series regular for Season 21. (The outlet reports that long-time star Jake Borelli is also leaving.)

While ABC has yet to confirm these reports, fans are worried that Jules and Mika are apparently over before they really get started. "I can't believe they gave us Jules Mika before Mika left the show," one viewer wrote.

Another fan commented on Mika's impending departure: "What's this for? Can't they just let us win for once?"

ABC/Anne Marie Fox

Change is coming

If it's any consolation, Jules and Mika's connection isn't the only balance left hanging between the two seasons. In the May 30 finale, the interns and Dr. Bailey risked their jobs by threatening to leave the hospital if Lucas was forced to repeat his first year, while Meredith and co. They are waiting. Dr. Weber said he planned to abandon the surgery after questioning his intelligence.

Granted, he's been trying to retire since season one. But there is a determination to it. Regardless, Gray Sloan Memorial Hall may look a lot different come Season 21.