Hilary Duff launches her brand new cat who is facing internet 'bullying'

The Duff-Koma family protects every member of its family, even four-legged animals. Hilary Duff introduced her new cat, Moonstone, on Instagram Stories on February 4, revealing that it was given to her and her children by her husband, Matthew Koma Our unexpected gift. The trolls came out of the woodwork when Koma showed off their cats in their stories.

bully cat

"Dad gave us the cutest cat ever," Duff wrote in her first story about Moonstone, adding, "@matthewkoma is so bad at telling us no!" Koma posted posted another photo and then retweeted a photo of his wife. Shortly thereafter, the haters started getting involved. Koma took screenshots of some of the scathing responses and put them on his Stories as well, adding a hilarious reply to close them.

"So damn ugly!" one critic wrote to him. Koma didn't appear to respond directly to the person, but in his story he wrote, "Imagine you bully cats on the internet all day long."

Another screenshot showed a person asking Koma, "What the hell is that thing." His response was simple: "It's a cat," he wrote.

While some naysayers on the internet clearly don't think Moonstone is cute, Duff, Koma, and their kids seem to have everyone obsessed with the kitten. Duff captured a video of Moonstone purring loudly, as well as some photos of him snuggling up to her daughter. And, as she puts it, she thinks he's "the cutest cat ever."

Hilary Duff/Instagram

Matthew Koma/Instagram

growing family

Moonstone will soon be replaced as the newest member of the family. Duff and Koma revealed in December that she was pregnant with their fourth child. (The couple already has two daughters, Banks Violet, 5, and Mae James, 2, and Duff has son Luca Cruz, 11, with ex-husband Mike Comrie.) In a public statement, Duff and Koma posted on Instagram Christmas card photo. It shows Duff with her baby bump and reads: "Buckle up buttercup, we're adding another one to the crazy bunch!"

On the same card, Duff and Koma joked, "So much for the silent nights." However, considering they also have chickens and three dogs at home, they're used to balancing a lot of kids and pets. "We had chickens before we had our last kid, but we still love the coop," she said on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" in January 2023. As their offspring continue to grow, hopefully Trolls, don't get involved.