Here's everything we know so far about Joey's Fantasy Suite

After meeting the families of the final contestants, Joey Graziadei is looking ahead to the next part of his Bachelor journey: Fantasy Suites. Can you believe we only have a few weeks left to find out who gets the final rose?

But first, there’s a romantic (and certainly dramatic) overnight date to consider in Tulum, Mexico. What happens to Kelsey Anderson, Rachel Nance, and Daisy Kent in Joey's Fantasy Suite?

There are some rumors and reports out there if you're interested and we'll try to accommodate you. Spoilers ahead!

The Golden Bachelor ladies are back

Since overnight dates are a very personal part of the Bachelor process, this week is usually reserved for the season leads and their suitors. But this time, Joey brought backup. According to a promo for the March 11 episode of "Fantasy Suite," Susan Noles, Sandra Mason and Leslie Fhima (Gerry T. Na's runner-up) will all be on hand to offer advice to the remaining women.

In a conversation with Kelsey in the promo, Leslie said, "I've been in your shoes. ... I didn't get drafted, and that's hard."

As a reminder, Kelsey previously told Joey that her biggest fear was that he "wasn't 100 percent sure" of her, or torn between the two women. So, yes, this can be a stressful conversation!

Disney/Jane Theis

fantasy suite itself

Joey previously told E! He had been "warned" about the unique challenges of fantasy suites, so he approached the week accordingly, knowing that his "forever person" could one day review it with him. "I talked to them about everything I could and it was a night for me and them," he explained.

Disney/Jane Theis

While Joey doesn't stray into spoiler territory, he seems very aware of how fantasy suites have gone wrong in the past and does his best to avoid drama.

About that letter...

That being said, there's a good chance something dramatic will happen. In Joey's case, based on the episode trailer, it appears to come in the form of a mysterious note on his door that reads, "Joy, we need to talk." The Season 28 's protagonist said he had "a feeling deep inside" that he wouldn't be loved if he shared every part of himself. "I don't understand what this is," Joey said in the video. "This is my worst nightmare."

So while the note could theoretically be anything, it seems to be something that shakes his confidence - perhaps, like one of his acquaintances sending him home.

So, who wrote this note? For now, there are no spoilers for this particular twist — or any fantasy suite specifics, really. But according to Reality Steve, Rachel didn't get into Joey's last two women. Therefore, if this letter is indeed a breakup letter, she may have been the scribe.

Disney/John Fleno

In the Fantasy Suite trailer, Rachel does seem a little rocky in her relationship with Joey, crying in his arms and expressing concerns about him "spending time with other people" in a voiceover Expressing she was "scared" it was too late to open up to him. Did this letter seal her fate? Time will prove everything!