'Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney is the show's underrated star

Katie Maloney has been a mainstay of Vanderpump Rules since its inception. But after 11 seasons, "Tequila Katie" is hitting her stride and proving why she may have been the show's most underrated star.

During the April 2 episode, Maloney's ex-husband Tom Schwartz confronted her about hooking up with his "best friend" Max Boyens the night before When asked about the incident, Maloney called it hypocritical because she made it a rule that they wouldn't date anyone of their own. Friendship circle after divorce.

However, since Schwartz kissed Rachel "Raquel" Levis last season (yes, on The Scandovar Affair ) and previously admitted to being a "make-out bandit" during their relationship, Maloney Still unapologetic. "If Max is the kind of jerk I am, you're lucky," she said.

Their spat is not only gratifying — Schwartz takes responsibility and calls for a truce — but is downright comical, with Maloney telling Schwartz she doesn’t want to be with him until he makes “better clothing choices.” Hang out together. This also happened when Tom Sandoval and Ariana Maddix got into a heated argument, making for a hilarious contrast.

Katie Maloney on Vanderpump Rules. Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Over the past two seasons (after her divorce from Schwartz), Maloney has really come into her own, slowly becoming the most rational and reasonable voice on the show. This didn't always endear her to viewers, who criticized her for always looking miserable, but time has proven her instincts were often correct.

Maloney never liked Sandoval, which was ultimately confirmed after Sandoval's cheating scandal (although some fans will argue that her feelings were always justified). She was very good at setting boundaries and motivating people, like the infamous "rope ring," which ultimately led to her telling Schwartz to propose within six months or they were done. (efficient.)

Maloney was also the only one brave enough to issue an ultimatum to Lisa Vanderpump when she expressed concerns that DJ James Kennedy had created an uncomfortable work environment at SUR. She later forgave Kennedy and became friends, dispelling the notion that she would never let go of her grudge.