Daphne's absence from 'Bridgerton' season 3 raises a surprising question

With More Bridgerton If the siblings got married and ventured out on their own, they might appear less often on the beloved Netflix series. In the case of Kate and Anthony, that means limited appearances in season three. As Jonathan Bailey told Bustle last year, the "overwhelming love" of the Bridgerton family is a treat worth returning to. “It was a lovely thing to be able to go away and come back,” he said. "We are a tribe."

However, don't expect to see Daphne and Simon from Season 1 anytime soon. Reggie-Jean Page chose not to return for the second season, and although Phoebe Dynevor appeared that year, she would not return to witness Colin and Penelope's love story.

Where is Daphne?

So, what happened to Daphne in Bridgerton ? While she's still mentioned by her loved ones in season three, she doesn't actually appear on screen.

If you've been following behind-the-scenes updates on the show for a while, this probably won't be too surprising. "Well, I'm done with my two seasons," Dynevor told Variety last year. "I've done what I wanted to do with the character and her arc is great. If they ask me again in the future, who knows?"

She also told Screen Rant that while things may "potentially" change in the future, she's now "happy to watch as a viewer." At the 2024 Met Gala on May 6, Dynevor reunited with several of her costars, proving that the Bridgerton family is still alive and well.

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"The whole experience was like a dream and the best time of my life," Dynevor recently told Elle of her time on the show.

her role in colin's bridgerton love story

As Dynevor told Variety , Daphne's main storyline was completed after the first season. But she still proved to be an important supporter of Anthony and Kate's love story, and played a similar role for Colin in Julia Quinn's book Romancing Mr. Bridgerton . Spoilers ahead!

In the novel, Colin visits his sister and asks her how she will know if she is in love. At this point in the story, he and Penelope are engaged, but he hasn't said "I love you" yet. Daphne couldn't quite express the feeling, but assured Colin that he was on the right path. "You married the right man," she said. "Stop worrying so much."

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This seemed to reassure him, as Colin soon realized that he was very much in love with Penelope and told her after sneaking away at the engagement party.

Later, Daphne hosts a crucial ball where Penelope's identity as Lady Whistledown is finally revealed. So even though Daphne is married, she plays an important role in Colin and Penelope's journey - which may look a little different on screen.