Bridgerton's subtle clues hint at when Benedict's season will take place

While Colin and Penelope's evolving relationship may be the centerpiece of Bridgerton season 3, there are other budding romances surrounding it, from Benedict's flirtation with Lady Tilly Arnold, to Frances Ka's quiet chemistry with John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin.

Given that several Bridgerton siblings are not yet married, it makes sense that the show would plant the seeds for future love stories. According to one eagle-eyed fan, a seemingly trivial scene in Season 3 may hint at when Benedict's season will begin — and, be prepared, it might take a while.

A subtle sign?

First, the findings: @bealisnesque on X (formerly Twitter) noticed an interesting exchange between Colin and Penelope in Episode 2. She worries that the Bridgertons will find out that she's taking dating lessons from Colin, but Colin assures her that Violet, Eloise, and Francesca are in the lounge while everyone else is playing cards outside.


"You've seen my family play Pall Mall, and you know how competitive we are," Colin said. "Hyacinth loves to win, Gregory hates losing to her, and Benedict refuses to miss out on the spectacle. Trust me, none of them will be leaving that table in the near future."

For @bealisnesque, that last comment is potentially important. "Don't tell me Benedict's will is s6??? Hope I'm reading too far into this," they wrote, despairing at the thought of Benedict's love story taking place so late in the series.

Some viewers reacted to the theory, with one saying they "scolded" the possibility, while others admitted it might have merit. This isn't the first time a Bridgerton fan theory based on competitive recreation has become a reality. Back in Season 2, a popular theory about the Bridgertons' Bomer order correctly predicted that Season 3 would focus on Colin, not Benedict.

Luke Newton, who plays Colin, recently told Bustle he was impressed by the audience's attention to detail. "The fans have their finger on the pulse," he said. "Sometimes I wonder, 'Have they read the script?'" So really, no theory is right out there -- no metaphor is too small.

Other clues about Benedict's fate


There are some indications that Benedict was one of the Bridgertons who later married, although his novel is the third in the series.

For example, Luke Thompson, who plays Benedict, recently told Country & Town House that he's okay with not having his own season yet. "It would be nice to give this character a full exploration, which would be really fun, but the way the show works - it's a big ensemble show," he said. "As long as someone does something fun for me, I don't mind."

Showrunner Jess Brownell told The Hollywood Reporter that "we're probably going to continue to get out of whack" when it comes to the siblings' love story.

"I'm so excited for Benedict's journey in season three," she continued. "It feels like it's too early for him to settle down. He's a passionate character and we want him to have a few more adventures going into his season."