Nicola Coughlan's Emerald Bridgerton Dress Is Penelope's Big Change

Penelope Featherington has stayed true to her family's aesthetic, rocking pastel colors every day like it's Easter. But in "Bridgerton" season 3, Nicola Coughlan's character finally centers on her love story with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), and her character's experience A complete transformation.

From the beginning of the Netflix series, the Featheringtons have been marked by pastel colors, with their bodices, ball gowns, and corsets all in pale yellows, blues, and greens. But Penelope was tired of struggling in the shadows of Regency society and wanted to go darker and sexier, even declaring, "I don't want to see citrus colors anymore."

As a result, Penelope had a major shining moment in the first episode, making her debut at Lady Danbury's (Adjoa Andoh) annual ball, wearing a very unexpected outfit that caused a stir. A lot of people's attention.

Nicola's Emerald Dress

For the grand entrance, Coughlan's character wore an emerald gown with crystal embellishments, sequined swirls and feather detailing on the sheer shoulders. Needless to say, she made the whole place sparkle - if only for a moment.

Nicola Coughlan plays Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton Season 3. Liam Daniel/Netflix

Penelope's dress featured floral embroidery just below the waistline that matched the shimmering metallic fabric. She completed her look with dramatic sheer black opera gloves and a gold chain necklace that perfectly matched her auburn hair.

Nicola Coughlan stars as Penelope Featherington in the Season 3 premiere of Bridgerton . Netflix

Season 3 lead costume designer John Glaser told Fashionista that Penelope's new look remains tied to her fashion roots. He chose emerald green because the hue is a mix of her favorite yellow and blue, "so you don't forget where she comes from."

Penelope's radiance

Spoilers ahead for Bridgerton Season 3 . While Penelope got the ball rolling, she continued her style evolution throughout the first part of season three, leading up to the moment she finally hooked up with Colin for the first time.

Ahead of their tryst, Penelope embraced a higher version of her signature wardrobe aesthetic, wearing a baby blue gown with sequins and ruffled shoulders. This was really effective in getting Colin's attention.

Nicola Coughlan plays Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton Season 3 Episode 4 . Netflix

The carriage had no idea what was about to happen.