Julia Roberts almost stars in 'You've Got Mail'

Julia Roberts is one of the undisputed queens of romantic comedies, but she ultimately turned down a classic. During a Dec. 7 interview with Watch What Happens Live , the actor revealed the classic romantic comedy she almost starred in and how it crossed over with her film Steel Magnolias .

After an audience member asked Roberts if there were any movies she regretted missing, she said "there's none that I regret," but there are a few that have gone on to become classics.

"I feel like it's all fate," she said. "But what I passed on turned out to be great and wonderful, and I thought maybe it wouldn't be so great and wonderful for me? You have a letter ." She also named The Last of the Mohicans as one of the Another movie.

Ironically, Meg Ryan, who went on to star in "Electric Love Letters," was originally supposed to play Roberts' role in "Steel Magnolias ." But according to Roberts, "she was still filming 'When Harry Met Sally,' so I got the part." She eventually received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Shelby.

Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts attend the Fashion Awards on December 2, 2019 in London, England. John Phillips/BFC/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This wasn't the only time Roberts landed a role that wasn't originally meant for her. "Cate Blanchett was originally supposed to be in Closer , but she got pregnant. So I got the part," she added, referring to the 2004 TV series. "I've been lucky enough to get some good stuff."

She wants a sequel to the movie

While Roberts has no regrets about the movies she didn't star in, she does regret the ones she didn't get a sequel to - but there's still time. Another audience member asked Roberts which movie she would like to follow up with, and her answer was almost immediate: My Best Friend's Wedding .

Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding . Ronald Simonette/Sygma/Getty Images

In this 1997 romantic comedy, Roberts plays Jules who realizes she's fallen in love with her newly engaged best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) and tries to sabotage his relationship with Jimmy (Cameron Dee). Yaz's wedding. Twenty-five years later, Roberts still believes Michael made the wrong choice.

"Well, I mean, of course, Jules. But he married Jimmy!" she replied when asked who he should choose.

But as she explained to host Andy Cohen, her character's unfortunate end left room to explore her future. "There's a lot of people in there," she noted, saying she wanted to "see what they're doing and how Jimmy and Michael's marriage is going."