This theory about cake’s TV reputation is going viral

Another day, another Taylor Swift theory from Swift investigators. However, if this proves to be true, Reputation (Taylor's version) may be arriving much sooner than you think.

Some TikTok Swifties have speculated that Reputation (TV) will be announced on November 26, when Swift will also perform the final South American show of her Eras tour. While the singer has a history of showing off "Tyler's version" of her albums on stage during shows, there have been some weird Easter eggs pointing to specific release dates.

national cake day

November 26th, her last Eras tour in Brazil, also marks National Cake Day. Now, why is this important? Swift used a three-tier wedding cake as an Easter egg in her "I Bet You're Thinking of Me" music video.

The top of the cake featured random numbers, including her lucky number 13, and fans have been scrambling to figure out their meaning ever since. The number that stood out the most was 26, with Swift running two fingers across the cake, leaving what looked like the number 11. These two numbers may add up to form 11/26, which is November 26th.

Taylor Swift in the "I Bet You're Missing Me" music video. YouTube/Taylor Swift

Swift also uses random holidays as cues for her projects. She used koi fish, a common trope during the Speak Now era, in her Speak Now (television) announcement, which was eventually released on July 7, which is also National Koi Day.

brazilian snake

Another TikToker noted that she might announce Reputation (TV) in Brazil because of... snakes. As fans know, the snake image became a trope in the original days of Reputation , inspired by what people called Kimye during her infamous feud.

It turns out that Brazil has the largest snake population in the world, so there are few better places in the world to celebrate the era of fame .

Taylor Swift performs on stage during the "Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour" on November 17, 2023 in Rio de Janeiro. Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Additionally, after Swift performed "So It Goes..." and "Dancing With Our Hands Tied" as "secret songs" in Rio, only one song on Reputation remains unfinished: "I Did Something Bad."

She typically accompanies her "Tyler Version" with performances from that album, and since it's the only song left, she'll likely save it for an upcoming announcement.

When will Reputation (TV) arrive?

Of course, there are a lot of theories surrounding Reputation's release date. One TikTok said it might release on January 1 to commemorate the album's final song, "New Year's Day."

However, this year the date falls on a Monday, and most artists, including Swift, only release new music on Fridays. Reputation (television) is probably no different.

Taylor Swift 2018 Don Arnold/TAS18/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If the 112 Days theory is to be believed, "Reputation" (TV series) may be released on February 16, 2024. This belief holds true for "Taylor's Version" releases to date, as "Speak Now" was released 112 days after "Taylor's Version ." "Eras Tour" started in March and "1989" (TV) aired 112 days later. However, there is another theory that suggests an announcement will be made in February, with the launch date being a few months later.

Regardless of when it actually happens, Swift is sure to keep us on our toes until then.