Did Keira sell the Bay House in Selling the OC Season 3?

In their personal drama made for television, the cast of The OC For Sale spent much of its third season showcasing some of the most spectacular homes in Newport Beach. Chief among them is the $28.5 million Bayside listing, which will be a game-changer for Oppenheim Group employee Kayla Cardona. There are spoilers for Season 3 of Selling the OC .

In the new season, which airs May 3 on Netflix, Cardona hosts a broker's preview of the home, which spans more than 9,000 square feet in the pricey Corona Del Mar neighborhood. It also has 50 feet of private beach and includes a shared 250-foot marina.

Despite a few hiccups, including a dispute with Gio Helou over the listing, Cardona spent much of the season trying to sell the house. In the finale, fans were stunned when she removed the Oppenheim Group sign from her home lawn. It was never confirmed whether she successfully sold the property.

In November 2023, it was reported that she did sell the property for approximately $25 million, making it the most expensive home to sell in Newport Beach's Corona Del Mar neighborhood in 2023.

Speaking about the recent sale, Cardona said taking on the coveted listing was worth it.

Season three ends on a cliffhanger. Netflix/"OC for Sale"

"This is obviously the biggest launch I've ever been on, and there's been a lot of ups and downs," she told Netflix's Tudum. "We worked hard on a lot of things, but it turned out great. We sold at the 11th hour. It was $25 million very quickly, so I'm very grateful."

Looking ahead to her future at The Oppenheim Group and beyond, Cardona also joked that she has "a lot of great things happening right now." She continued, "Of course, I'm still doing my real estate, and I've gained a lot of momentum. I'm a certified life coach now. I brought my podcast back. I'm speaking on stage all the time .I just give back to the community and that gives me great satisfaction.”