'Traitors' fans divided over season 2 finale twist

Season 2 of Renegades came to a dramatic end with the March 7 finale, and fans were divided over the last-minute elimination twist. Warning: Spoilers for the ending .

The episode begins with the last traitor, Below Deck alum Kate Chastain, choosing to murder (eliminate) real housewives of atlanta sherri whitfield . In a subsequent roundtable vote, the group eliminated Survivor star Sandra Diaz-Twin after the contestants evicted one of their castmates.

In the all-important final reveal ceremony, the three remaining True Believers— Challenge stars Chris "CT" Tamburello and Trishelle Cannatella, as well as Sunset's Shahs Mercedes "MJ" Javid—successfully ejected Chastain from the competition . However, in a final twist, Trichel chose to cast another vote, leading to Jordan's eviction.

After proving themselves true believers, Trishelle and CT were announced as co-winners and shared the $200,000 prize pool .

Of course, fans had a lot to say about the dramatic ending, with many expressing sympathy for Jordan. "I don't think this is fair," one fan commented on X (formerly Twitter). "MJ played fair, but they caught her off guard."

"My heart breaks for MJ. What Trishelle and CT did is worse than anything the Renegades have done in a game," another user added. "I'm not congratulating Trishelle and CT! They knew MJ was a huge fan and intentionally kicked her out because they didn't want to share their money with her," one fan said.

Alan Cumming with winners Chris 'CT' Tamburello and Trishelle Cannatella. Euan Cherry/Peacock

Taking to Instagram, Jordan also talked about the end result. "It's easy to cheat...try something more challenging like being faithful," she wrote.

While many fans were saddened by MJ's last-minute eviction, there were some who supported CT and Trishelle's strategy. "Honestly, they work the hardest during the challenge so they deserve it," one user chimed in.

There will be more traitors

On February 7, Peacock confirmed that Renegades will return for a third season.

"You stream, you meme, you ask for more. Consider this your reward," a statement confirming the show's renewal read. A release date and cast list have yet to be confirmed, but that's not stopping fans from sharing their ideal Renegades season 3 cast.