This is where the “Who is that awesome girl?” TikTok trend comes from

Recently, two very important questions have been circulating around TikTok’s five-year plan: Who is that amazing girl? Could she be any cuter? The inquiries are posed in a catchy song, and if you're lucky enough to see the clip that accompanies the audio, you'll spot an orange puppet wearing glasses singing to a green puppet wearing a pretty pink princess dress. . The "wonder girl" is Mona from the Canadian children's TV series "Nanaland ," a cheesy puppet show that has become TikTok's latest obsession.

You might have also seen Mona struggling to form a complete sentence while admitting to eating a batch of brownies, or Nana feeding a little green puppet a spoonful of soup — all in shows circulating on TikTok scene. Sure, these moments make for great meme fodder, but that doesn't explain why the 24-year-old show suddenly became a hit.

To help you make sense of this pointless children's show, here's everything you need to know about TikTok's obsession with Nanalan so you can hook up with these weird characters the next time they pop up in your FYP Laughed together.

What is Nalan' ?

According to Know Your Meme, "Nanalan" follows three-year-old Mona and her dog Russell as they explore Mona's grandmother Nana's backyard. The name comes from "Nana Land" and is an appropriate title due to the setting of the series. In a typical plot, Mona's adventures range from playing in the grass with frogs to hula dancing with Grandma.

The show was created by Jason Hopely and Jamie Shannon, the creative minds behind the infamous Nickelodeon show Mr. Meat, so that should tell you something about All about Nanaland and its surreal puppet style.

The show originally aired in Canada from 1999 to 2003 as a series of 3-minute shorts, before being followed by a season of full-length 21-minute episodes year 2004.


Due to Mona's young age, she was unable to speak much except for a few mispronounced words and a few broken sentences. This seems to be a key factor in the popularity of puppet shows, as this character is usually most fond of making strange noises. Additionally, with the show's colorful set design and low-budget aesthetic, "Nanaland" is a perfect fit for the ongoing millennium revival.

Who is that pretty girl?

One of the show's most viral moments on TikTok is a clip of Nana singing: "Who is that awesome girl? Could she be any cuter?" Mona looked proud in a pink gown and sparkling tiara suit strutting her stuff and giving off the vibe of Major Glinda the Good Witch.


Not only does the song encourage TikTok users to follow their adorable pets, it also generates a CapCut template to insert Nana and Mona into your videos with a green screen effect for even more meme usage. Not to mention, the related hashtag #wonderfulgirl has been viewed nearly 24 million times as of November 27, and the song has even inspired users like @autumnbnx and @twistedswisters to come up with some hilarious Halloween costumes.

It's okay, little bird

Another video from Nanalan has gone viral, captivating viewers not because of its weird dialogue or goofy tune, but because it's genuinely sweet.

In the scene, Mona holds a seemingly injured bird and assures it that everything will be fine. "Hey, birdie," Mona said. "It's okay, little birdie. I'll take care of you, little birdie."


It was a tender moment in an otherwise chaotic show, and one that was very different in tone from the rest of the show. But since this is TikTok we're talking about, the clip was bound to get the meme treatment eventually — especially after the scene became a CapCut effect.

"POV: Before your mom came, you beat up your siblings trying to stop them from crying," @mylittle_cornerx wrote. "The morning after my friend gave me 5 shots 'before we left,'" @smulfie posted. This is why TikTok can't have good stuff.

Most Relevant Children's Programs

Even if TikTok users didn't grow up watching the show, they'll find how relatable this children's show is.

In a video posted by @teeny9540, Nana recounted her emotions by asking Mona how her grandson was feeling. The video itself is great, but it probably wouldn't have received over 190,000 likes if the creator hadn't included the caption "Your boyfriend tries to comfort you when you get your period." Nearly 500 comments. swing. "

The hashtag #nanalan has been viewed a whopping 106.6 million times and is filled with more viral moments from the show, including another original song by Nana about how "brave and strong" Mona is, which sounds like it was straight out of Excerpted from the Frankenstein soundtrack.

Even though it's a song about "the world's biggest, most powerful monster," users are still finding ways to incorporate the audio into their daily lives. “POV: My husband encouraged me to get out of the depths of depression and brushed my hair,” @hollierosebakes wrote.

At a time when you're still feeling like a girl in your 20s, it's no wonder this childish show resonates so much with fans. “This show speaks the language of my soul,” @jaxbv commented. "This character is playing me in real life," @onyx.buttercup wrote. I think no one understands life better than a three-year-old child.