Taylor Swift's Sagittarius Theory Has Fans Believing Album Is Coming

Taylor Swift is a proud Sagittarius—and she's been reminding us of that a lot lately. Naturally, many Swifts think this means something, and their current theory is that Swift is laying an Easter egg for her 11th studio album (aka TS11). If they're right, the singer's next project could have a lot to do with astrology.

As shown in a video that went viral on TikTok, these theories came to a head on Swift's 34th birthday on December 13, which she celebrated out in New York with some famous friends. But it was her appearance that caught the most attention. Swift donned a mini dress that featured a dreamy night scene, including sparkling stars, clouds and a crescent moon.

Combined with other examples of Swift seemingly planting astrological hints, including Spotify's recent use of a star cursor on her songs, investigative Swift believes TS11 will be called "Sagittarius," though other astrological titles have also been thrown around over there. Here's every Easter egg that provides support for this theory.

The Mystery of Google Search

Google created a Waldo-style map to celebrate the most searched people and trends of 2023, including Swift, who was named the most searched songwriter of the year. But because they know the power of her fanbase, they added another Swift puzzle to the puzzle, giving each Swift a different letter when completed.

Taylor Swift in 2023. Gotham /GC Images/Getty Images

The letters formed the phrase "All the Stars Aligned," a lyric from her midnight finale "Mastermind" that led to a website of the same name.

The password to the site is none other than Sagittarius, and the most searched video for the songwriter on Google begins with the Sagittarius constellation artfully drawn among the Eras Tour crowd.

The site doesn't include any additional hints beyond videos, instead focusing on her ten existing studio albums, but the journey to get there appears to be TS11-encoded.

Swift's Sagittarius Shout

Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj in 2023 Christopher Polk/Variety/Getty Images

Swift began using her zodiac sign in public back in September, when she called Nicki Minaj "my favorite Sagittarius" at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards.

Just days later, "Sagittarius" became one of the words used in her 1989 (Taylor version) Vault puzzle with Google. At the time, fans thought it could be one of the album's "From the Vault" song titles, possibly starring Minaj, but none of those theories panned out. Maybe it's because Swift has been reserving the concept for other uses.

Swift's astrology

Swift has been wearing astrology-inspired outfits during her recent outings, and there are enough of them to make fans wonder if this isn't a coincidence. First, she carried a crystal-encrusted Sagittarius gold clutch and wore a star ring to the Poor Things premiere on Dec. 6.

Taylor Swift leaves the premiere of " Poor Things" on December 6, 2023 in New York City. James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Swift was quick to connect the dots when her birthday look included more astrological elements. Some even noticed similarities to Swift's star-studded look at the 2022 VMAs after-party, where she teased the Midnights era shortly after announcing the album, speculating that it could mean TS11 would be a sister album.

Whatever Swift has in store (and most likely nothing), Swift's astrology era is in full swing.