'Friends' Fans Just Solved the Ross Geller Mystery After 28 Years

Friends fans just solved the mystery of Ross Geller after nearly three decades.

In the Season 2 episode, "The Man with Russ," the plot centers on Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) new love interest Russ, who has an affair with her ex-boyfriend Ross (David Hugh (played by Mo) has a striking resemblance. Rachel doesn't seem to notice any resemblance, but once the rest of the staff does, she immediately ends her relationship with Lars, who is referred to as "Snarlo" in the episode's post-credits sequence.

The name "Snaro" was reportedly Schwimmer's alias in the episode, which originally aired in 1996, because of his role as Ross and his look - which recently surprised some fans on Reddit.

"It wasn't until I was an adult, probably in my late twenties to be honest, that I realized this was just David playing," one Reddit user commented. "I'll never forget the look my mom gave me when I told her. It was like I had just discovered some brand new information."

One user admitted to having an argument with his significant other over Russ' identity. "I was like 'Damn! How did they find someone who looked exactly like Rose.'

David Schwimmer in Friends . Warner Bros./"Friends"

More Reddit revelations

This isn't the only piece of Friends trivia making the rounds on Reddit lately.

In August 2023, a user pointed out an error in the Season 7 episode "The One with Phoebe's Cookies". Rachel claims she has "sailed her whole life." However, two years ago, in the season five episode "Where Rose Moves In," she told her neighbor Danny that she didn't sail at all.

Other Reddit users also noticed a series of inconsistencies with Joey Tribbiani, which they said "ruined" the beloved character.