Violet season 3 romance different from Bridgerton novels

Spoilers ahead for Bridgerton Season 3 . No one in the Bridgerton family is more romantic than matriarch Violet (Ruth Gemmell). She seems to enjoy most helping adult children find happiness in life. But what about her and her garden? In season three, a new romance shows signs of blooming.

Violet's new love

The Bridgerton siblings all have high standards for an ideal relationship, due to the fact that their parents, Edmund and Violet, were a loving couple. When they lost him, Violet focused on raising her children, which was enough for her for a long time. However, when she admits her "garden" to Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) in a memorable scene in Queen Charlotte , her desires and needs begin to resurface.

Enter Lord Marcus Anderson (Daniel Francis), Lady Danbury's brother. His arrival in season three alarms and intrigues Violet, especially since he's equally obsessed with her. The two share some cute moments as they get to know each other, but their progress is slow. It wasn't until episode seven that Marcus asked Violet if they "could explore something together," and then only after they had sorted out matters that "needed to be arranged" did they meet in the season finale's Dankforth- Dancing together at the Finch Ball.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

Another happy ending?

Based on how Season 3 ended, it's hard to say where her and Marcus' relationship will go. Gemmell previously described it in production notes as "more of a flirtation than a love story."

"I would say she did have a great love - but it was still very beautiful," she added of the new relationship. "Daniel (Frances) is adorable and Violet enjoys watching her children fall in love and get married and have their own romance. Watching her children get married and fall in love makes her realize something is missing from her life thing."

Season three leaves open the door for more possibilities between them, possibly even marriage if their relationship continues to progress. A lot of people like to gossip, so Violet may have to marry a long-term lover. Whether Marcus is ultimately up to the task remains to be seen.

Did Violet remarry in the book?

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When it comes to Violet's romantic future, don't bother looking for clues in the books. For writer Julia Quinn, Edmund was indeed Violet's true love; she never wrote about other suitors for the Vicomtesse.

"I used to think it was because she was so devoted to Edmund, but after exploring the second love issue in When He Was Wicked , I realized that wasn't the reason," she wrote on her website road. "I've been thinking about it for a while and honestly I didn't think I could find anyone who would be good enough for her."

Currently, Violet's garden is in bloom, and fans will have to wait for Bridgerton Season 4 to see where her new flirtation leads.