Taylor Swift's 113 Best Lyrics in the Torture Poet Department for Instagram Captions

Taylor Swift's lyrics dominated Instagram in 2023, with every Swift lucky enough to snag an Eras Tour ticket to use the singer's quote as the caption of a social media post. But if you thought Taylormania might be fading by 2024, think again.

Not only did Swift release her 11th studio album , The Tortured Poets Department, at midnight on April 19, but she also revealed that it was a secret double album, giving fans a staggering 31 tracks in total New song. That means there's now a nearly endless treasure trove of new lyrics and Swift poetry available for you to use on Instagram.

If you're going through a devastating breakup, or are just feeling sad, Tortured Poets is your first source for Instagram inspiration, with songs like "Down Bad" and "The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" that can represent whatever stage you're at. of sadness.

However, there are 31 songs on the album, and there's a Swift lyric for every mood. If you're having trouble finding a new boyfriend, check out Fresh Out the Slammer or The Alchemy, as well as Goodbye London and Florida! ! ! ” Oddly enough, it lends itself well to a vacation post (especially if you’re going to these places for a tour of the times).

Read on for 113 of The Tortured Poets Department 's best lyrics for your Instagram captions.

1. "Two weeks"

Taylor Swift in “Fortnightly” Music Video YouTube / Taylor Swift

  • I was supposed to be dropped off but they forgot to pick me up
  • For two weeks we've been running
  • i love you it ruins my life
  • Lost in America for another two weeks

2. "The Ministry of Tortured Poets"

  • “Who uses a typewriter anyway?”
  • I watched this episode and still love the show
  • This is not the Chelsea Hotel, we are modern idiots
  • This is the closest I've ever come to my heart exploding

3. “My son only breaks his favorite toys.”

  • The stream flows along my plastic smile
  • I'm the queen of the sandcastle he destroyed.
  • He's my best friend in the sand

4. "In a bad mood"

  • At that moment, I understood the love of the universe
  • If I can't have it we'll fuck it
  • I'll build you a fortress on some planet so they can all understand
  • Look at the sky and come back to pick me up

5. "Goodbye, London"

Taylor Swift performs in London in 2019 . Isabel Infantes - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

  • Carrying us up the mountain my spine cracked.
  • How much sadness do you think I have in my heart?
  • Goodbye, London. You will find someone.
  • I founded the club she heard about

6. “But dad, I love him.”

  • For a simple girl, the horse is too high to surpass it
  • Early maturation sometimes means not growing up at all
  • He is chaos, he is carnival
  • I won't pander to these snakes wearing empathy clothes

7. "Freshly baked"

  • Now, pretty baby, I'm gonna run back to you
  • Let you blend into all my poems
  • I'm his American dream girl.
  • In the park where we used to sit on the children's swings

8. “Florida!!!”

Swift performs on the Eras tour in Tampa, Florida. Octavio Jones/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

  • If you can beat the accusation, you can beat the heat
  • Little do you know that your home is actually just a town and you are just a guest in it
  • Me and my ghost, we had a hell of a time
  • I have some regrets, I will bury them in Florida

9. "Sinful?"

  • can i cry?
  • I keep thinking about things we never did
  • I choose you and me religiously

10. “Who’s afraid of little old me?”

  • You can't tell me sad things
  • Nothing makes me feel more alive
  • Who is afraid of a little old man like me? you should
  • So telling me it's none of my business, but what if it is?

11. “I can cure him (no, I really can)”

  • Your good Lord doesn't need to lift a finger.
  • His hands, calloused from the pistol, gently traced heart-shaped marks on my face.
  • If you were an angel, I would take you to heaven

12. "Lom"

  • We embroidered the memories of when I left
  • If you know it's a legend at a glance
  • "Take your girl and make her cry" Mr.

13. “I can do this with a broken heart”

Swift performs on the Eras tour in Singapore. Ashok Kumar/TAS24/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

  • Every night the lights refract sequined stars from her silhouette
  • I'm a very strong kid, I can handle my stuff
  • I cry a lot but I'm productive and it's an art
  • Lights, cameras, bitches, smiles, miles in stilettos

14. “The smallest man who ever lived”

  • Who is that guy?
  • You don't meet the standards of a man at all
  • You turned off the stage lights, but you were still performing

15. "Alchemy"

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at the 2024 Super Bowl. Michael Owens/Getty Images Sports/Getty Images

  • This happens every few lives
  • I haven't been back for a long time, but I'm back so strong
  • Ditch the clown, get the crown
  • Where is the trophy? he just ran to me

16. "Klara Bow"

  • No one in my town thought I'd see the lights of Manhattan
  • This town is fake but you are real
  • The crowd went crazy at her fingertips
  • You look like Taylor Swift and we love it from this angle

17. "Black Dog"

  • This is intertwined with the magical fabric of our dreams
  • Old habits die screaming
  • I want to sell my house and burn all my clothes
  • I hope the stuff in Black Dog sucks

18. “I want to bring you back”

Taylor Swift performs on the Eras Tour in Sydney, Australia. Don Arnold/TAS24/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

  • I can tell when someone still wants me, tell it like it is
  • Whether I'm going to be your wife or smash your bike, I haven't decided yet
  • I might just love you until the end
  • Choose your poison, baby, I'm poison no matter what

19. "Albatross"

  • She's an albatross, she's here to destroy you
  • One less temptress, one less dagger to sharpen
  • Lock me in the tower, but I'll visit you in your dreams
  • Wise men once read fake news and believed it

20. “Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus”

  • Your hologram accidentally broke into my apartment
  • If you want to tear my world apart, just say you've always wanted to know
  • I become a goddess, a villain, and a fool
  • Can we see our apparitions like wild horses?

21. “How does it end?”

  • If you lose your chance, what chance do you have?
  • Say it again if you feel it
  • Me and my beloved ghost, sitting in the tree, dying
  • We won't tell anyone except all our friends

22. "So High School"

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift kiss at the 2024 Super Bowl. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sports/Getty Images

  • Tell me the first time you saw me
  • I feel like a high school student every time I see you
  • Will you marry me, kiss me or kill me?
  • You know how to play ball, I know Aristotle

23. “I hate it here”

  • Come on come on tell me something terrible
  • I am a newbie in another life
  • Nostalgia is a trick of the mind

24. “Thank you, Amy”

  • During the time you were pumping your fist, I was building something
  • I can't forget the way you healed me
  • I built a legacy you can't undo

25. “I look through people’s windows”

  • I have died the tiniest death
  • What would happen if your eyes met mine again?
  • I'm obsessed with "if only"

26. "Prophecy"

  • I'm cursed like Eve was bitten
  • Great woman keep calm
  • Gather around the sorceress's table with the coven

27. "Cassandra"

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian in 2015. Kevin Mazur/MTV1415/WireImage/Getty Images

  • Everything calms down after the truth is revealed
  • What doesn't kill you makes you realize
  • The blood is thick, but nothing beats the paycheck
  • You can mark what I said first

28. “Peter”

  • When perspective is won, love is never lost
  • Get lost in the "Lost Boy" chapter of your life
  • The woman sitting by the window has turned off the light

29. "Blastgun"

  • Very interesting until you get to know her
  • When she leaves, it feels like breathing
  • All her life flashed before her eyes
  • The heart is hers and can be broken

30. "Robin"

Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner attend the 2023 Grammy Awards. CBS Photo Archive/CBS/Getty Images

  • may you rule long
  • There is no room for regrets in your dreams
  • You'll learn to bounce like a trampoline

31. "Manuscript"

  • I'm not a donor but I'll give you my heart if you need it
  • She knows why the pain comes
  • The last souvenir of my trip to your shores
  • This story is no longer mine