Sydney Sweeney slams fan who claims to be her nutritionist

Sydney Sweeney just fired back at a fan who claimed to be her nutritionist.

On February 19, a now-deleted Instagram account reportedly posted a video with the caption, “I’ve been Sydney Sweeney’s nutritionist for five years, and here’s how I help her achieve the goals of her dreams with five simple food swaps Role."

A food swap is an eating plan that replaces less healthy meals, drinks, and snacks with foods of higher nutritional value.

One of Sweeney's favorite so-called "easy food swaps" in the video is said to be Kraft macaroni and cheese. However, the Anyone But You star got wind of the now-deleted video and responded: "I don't know about you, Kraft mac and cheese is a thing of a lifetime."

Fans were quick to praise Sweeney's blunt reply, with one Course" on.

Sydney Sweeney.Fraser Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another X user claimed: “People used to get away with this but now that celebrities are online so much it just doesn’t work.” “I’m glad Sydney is calling them out because these influencers Really saying something," one fan added.

The "Euphoria" star revealed some of her favorite foods and drinks in an August 2023 interview with Bustle, noting that she doesn't like coffee. "I only drink water," she revealed. “My parents loved coffee and soda, but I was like, I can’t do that.”

Sweeney revealed that she likes to "go out for a drive and get ice cream" during her breaks, and she also told Bustle that she has a "very specific" ice cream order: "I like a waffle cone with some chocolate on the top, Some sprinkles and Skittles ice cream with some gummy bears in it.”