Pamela Anderson officially joins the skincare industry

Pamela Anderson is having this moment. Following the release of her Netflix documentary and memoir, the star is taking back her power in her own way.

Anderson ended 2023 with a no-makeup look, making headlines for her makeup-free red carpet appearances and fashion commentary. It makes perfect sense, then, that she's officially entering the world of skincare.

Meet Sonsie Skin, her latest venture

On Jan. 22, Anderson was announced as co-founder and owner of Sonsie Skin, a line of vegan, cruelty-free basic skin care products including Sonsie Super Serum ($64), Basic Balm ($22) and Multi Moisture Mask (multi-effect moisturizing mask). $48).

These three products are designed to serve as your curated, streamlined daily routine to minimize time in front of the mirror. Yet despite being so streamlined, their formulas aren't lacking: They're packed with powerful actives like niacinamide, glycerin, and squalane, all gentle ingredients designed to support your skin's protective barrier.

Sancy skin

Anderson agrees with Sonsie's "less is more" approach to skin care, especially since it gives her a natural glow. "I take off my mask and the world opens up. No matter where people are in their beauty journey... there's no judgment," she tells Bustle exclusively about Sonsie Skin. "It's about celebrating where we are. That's how I carry myself these days: caring, simple, vulnerable, intimate — that's what's powerful."

Pamela is in her no-makeup era

When the 56-year-old arrived at Paris Fashion Week in late 2023, she was spotted wearing no makeup, a far cry from the bold smoky eyes and cool lips the star sported. "It dawned on me," Anderson explained in a video for French Vogue . "I'm wearing these beautiful clothes and I'm like, 'I don't want to compete with these clothes. I don't want to be the prettiest girl in the room. I feel like that's freedom. It's a relief."

Sancy skin

Since then, she has continued to bare her face, inspiring countless fans to consider doing the same.

2024 is all about “Skinstreaming”

In line with Sonsie's approach, the biggest skincare trends of 2024 are all pointing in the same direction: a "skin flow" routine.

Less is more: "The concept behind 'Skin Flow' is to pare down your skin care routine to three to four simple steps. A ten-step skin care routine takes a toll on patients' skin and their wallets." — Board Certified Skin Care Physician and Mohs surgeon Dr. Margarita Lolis on skin care trends for 2024

However, these three or four simple steps focus on highly effective, versatile products packed with ingredients that meet your unique skin needs. Enter: brands like Sonsie Skin.