Nicola Coughlan had to mute Bridgerton cast member's group chat

Just like the families they portray on screen, the cast of Bridgerton is a close-knit group in real life. As Jonathan Bailey explained to Bustle last year, he experienced "overwhelming love" when he returned to the set for season three. “It was a lovely thing to be able to go away and come back,” he said. "We are a tribe."

As is the case with any family, the Bridgerton group chats can sometimes be...a lot. At least that's according to Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope, who recently opened up about how she handles crowded chats.

Keep up with the Bridgertons

"I get overwhelmed when there are too many people, so the voice is quiet," Coughlan told W Magazine ahead of the third season, which premieres on May 16. “I do check in from time to time, even though I’m not an active person.” Participant. "

But don't worry! Although Coughlan wasn't too involved in the conversation, he confirmed that the Bridgerton family group chat was "very lovely and supportive."

She also revealed on SiriusXM's The Spotlight with Jessica Shaw that she will be appearing frequently. "I did say a text like, 'Happy premiere day everyone,' and then it went back into the archives... [But] we have a lot of interesting new lords and ladies this season who are having a lot of fun with it," she explain. "I'm like the grumpy parent who's like, 'You had a great time.'"

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Ironically, in the same SiriusXM chat, Claudia Jessie (who plays Eloise) attributed the chat to Coughlan. “You developed this feature for us to keep everyone connected,” she said, adding that the Derry Girls alum created the WhatsApp group in season one and continues to do so every year, “to keep everyone connected. Newcomers feel welcome.”

So, who else is in the group chat?

Apparently there are actually several permutations of the Bridgerton group chat. For example, in 2022, Luke Newton (who plays Colin) told Netflix that there was a WhatsApp called "Bridgerton Brothers" where he and his on-screen brothers could make music together, message by message.

Of course, joining the Bridgerton group chat isn't always a lifelong commitment. As Regé-Jean Page revealed to GQ in 2021, he exited talks shortly after bidding farewell to his role as Simon, Duke of Hastings.

"No, the universe has expanded. So I'm no longer a part of it," he explained, before clarifying that, no, he was not expelled. "I respectfully stepped back. I didn't want to put them in the awkward position of having to kick me out."