Golden Bachelorette Teresa Says She Found 'Happiness' in Gerry's Divorce

Bachelorette star Theresa Nester is moving on after splitting from Gerry Turner. The couple announced their split on April 12, just months after their golden wedding. Now, Nestor is updating fans on her post-breakup life, revealing she's found solace in her creative hobbies.

"Gardening has been a constant source of joy in my life," the reality star posted on Instagram on April 23, along with a series of photos of her garden.

"It nourishes my body, mind and soul. It does so many good things for you," she continued. "You're out in the fresh air and sunshine (or clouds and rain) and your hands are covered in dirt (wear gloves!). You're getting a lot of exercise, pushing wheelbarrows, pulling weeds, and pulling hoses Water everything and walk around."

Nester also describes gardening as "simultaneously meditative and energizing," adding, "You're nourishing the soil and nurturing the plants to grow to their best. ... My daughter and I highly recommend it to everyone!"

The update comes after she and Turner announced they were divorcing after three months of marriage. The couple met on the first season of "Bachelor" and got engaged in the show's November 2023 finale.

Theresa and Gerry on "The Bachelor." Disney/John Fleno

Turner confirmed their breakup in a joint interview with "Good Morning America ," explaining that they had "many heart-to-heart conversations" before deciding to call it quits. "We took a hard look at our situation, our living situation," he shared. "Together we have come to the conclusion that it may be time for us to dissolve our marriage."

Nestor later published a touching letter fans on Instagram for their support. Accompanying a picture of a Dr. Seuss quote ("Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happens"), she wrote, "You are all such wonderful human beings. ... You took the time to reach out, and you were so kind to me." It means a lot to me.”

Meanwhile, the couple's "Bachelor" co-stars, including runner-up Faith Martin, were quick to react to news of their divorce.

"I wish them both happiness, and I'm sure this is a painful thing for both of them, so my heart goes out to them," Martin told People . "I believe in the long run. Look, everything will be fine, and hopefully one day they will look back and smile."