Ten years later, Charles Melton misremembered '42 Seconds' from 'Glee'

Charles Melton, dubbed the "biggest surprise" of awards season for his role in the critically acclaimed drama May 12 , was still struggling to make it as an actor a decade ago . He recalled his big break in an interview with Deadline published on January 13, earmarking a small role on "Glee" as his first guest role. He shared several details about the experience, including some that weren't quite accurate.

His "first thing"

Melton was "lucky enough to do some modeling" before landing his gig on "Glee ," he told Deadline , but his "bread and butter" was dog walking. He also did a web series that ultimately went nowhere, so he considered his role on "Glee" as his big break. "That was my first thing," he said. "It's so exciting."

Melton recalled that his character, Gavin, was a model in Season 5, Episode 14, "New York." "I'm at 43 minutes, or 42 seconds," he said. "So don't blink or take a bathroom break, you might miss me."

His memories were mostly confirmed, but his numbers were a little off. Melton appears at the 34-minute mark of the episode (available on Hulu), and the scene lasts 22 seconds. Given that the episode first aired in April 2014, he should get a pass for not remembering all the details.

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career catalyst

Melton describes his job on "Glee" as "telling an actor that [he's] acting contrary to what he's doing and that if he needs something, he can talk to his roommates." In the scene, Gavin says to Sam (Corder Overstreet) shows off his new room in a house full of models. Their brief but hilarious interaction gives Melton a chance to acknowledge Sam's previous struggles with homelessness with a comically nonchalant quip: "That's cool, man. I envy your authenticity," before walking away. Go do the paid webcam thing”.

That's just a small part, but more work comes with it. Melton went on to star in two episodes of American Horror Story: Hotel the following year, and his profile really grew after his debut on Riverdale in 2017. Since then, he's had several high-profile appearances, such as Ariana Grande's "Break Up with Your Girlfriend I'm Bored" music video and the film Bad Boys for Life . Now, he's even weighing in on the Oscar discussion.

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his river valley education

Despite all the hustle and bustle surrounding Melton, he hasn't forgotten his River Valley roots. He credits the show with shaping him into the actor who now plays Reggie. "It really helped me refine that work ethic," he told iD Magazine in December. " Riverdale is truly my Juilliard—I'm learning, growing, playing, taking risks. I'm allowed to do that."