The confusion over J.Lo's 'This Is Me' guest appearance... now, explain it

Jennifer Lopez's New Movie This Is Me...Now: A Love Story It’s a hodgepodge of genres. Since it's scored by her new album of the same name, it's primarily a musical, but it also mixes in sci-fi epic, romantic comedy, comedy, and even moments of horror.

Needless to say, This Is Me… is deliciously chaotic right now , and her extensive list of guest stars further reflects that.

J.Lo recruited a variety of celebrities for the film, from musicians Post Malone, Kim Petras and Fat Joe to actors Jane Fonda, Sofia Vergara, Jenifer Lewis, Keke Palmer and Paul Raci. Also featured are comedian Trevor Noah, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, life coach Jay Shetty and spiritual guru Sadhguru. Not to mention her husband Ben Affleck, who you may not recognize.

Many of these celebrities are part of Zodiac Advisors, providing guidance on Lopez's character's journey. Most of them represent specific zodiac signs—for example, Post Malone plays the Leo the Leo—even if their characters don't correspond to real-life zodiac signs.

To help make sense of the madness, Hustle staff writer Jake Viswanath and Elite Daily senior entertainment editor Sarah Ellis sat down to talk about the guest stars and break down their roles.

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Sarah: I want to talk about the collection of characters in this movie. What was the selection process for this cast?

Jack: Are these the people who said yes?

Sarah: That was my first thought because they all came at the same time. This is a roundtable of the most random groups. I was like, "Is this everyone who was interviewed on Call Her Daddy last year? What the hell is going on?"

Jack: Oh my God, you're going to make me spit the water out. I can only relate her to some of them. Jane Fonda starred in "The Stranger" . They have maintained a close relationship ever since. Jay Shetty is surrounded by celebrities. He knows everyone.

Sarah: Jay Shetty is the ultimate "He's There" and I don't know why.

Jack: But she's never worked with Post Malone, Trevor Noah.

Sarah: They all play a specific zodiac sign, which doesn't necessarily correlate to their actual zodiac sign. Trevor Noah is a Pisces.

Jack: But he plays a Libra.

Sarah: It's also a sign of being maligned.

Jake: After her first relationship ended, J.Lo said, "Fuck you Libra."

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High quality video

Sarah: We think Post Malone was her favorite because he played her zodiac sign, Leo?

Jack: That's a good question. Post Malone is a good match for Leo. He gives off a very flirtatious, outgoing vibe.

Sarah: He's a Cancer in real life.

Jack: Keke Palmer is also a perfect Scorpio.

Sarah: She is, but she's not a Scorpio. She has an album called Virgo Tendencies . It's interesting that you would very openly choose a Virgo over a Scorpio.

Jack: She feels like the leader of the Zodiac Council. She provides the most comic relief and reasoning skills. She's the one who actually changed J.Lo's life and put the plan into action, which is fun to watch. It was a good show, which is what Koko always gives.

Sarah: Coco is going to have the most random role ever, playing a star sign that’s not hers, but she’s going to do it.

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Jack: 100%. Of all the people asked, Jane Fonda could have played any one of these zodiac signs. She is Jane Fonda. But as a Sagittarius she has an unexpected edge that I like.

Sarah: Jane Fonda is actually a Sagittarius, which excites me because she brings that signature Sagittarius energy. She is very fiery. She does her own thing.

Jack: She makes her Sagittarius man proud. Now, let's talk about those who are slightly wrong.

Sarah: Sofia Vergara just said one line, "I think I can see my father's house from here," and then she was fixing her hair.

Jack: This is so funny, so unnecessary, so random. She could have been used more, but this line was so hysterical. But you don't quite know what zodiac sign she is.

Sarah: I was looking for Cancer because that's my sign, but she didn't really give Cancer. That being said, Sophia is a double Cancer. She is a Cancer Sun and Moon.

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Jack: Neil deGrasse Tyson is a Taurus. How do we feel about this?

Sarah: He's a Libra in real life. In fact, I would swap Neil and Trevor Noah as a Libra, because I can see Trevor being really annoying as a Taurus, in a good way.

Jake: Maybe she respects Neil deGrasse Tyson too much to want to give him a Libra after the Libra outburst.

Sarah: Libra men, this is a difficult time for them.

Jack: We need help now. I'm very interested in Kim Petras.

Sarah: Oh my God. Kim Petras is awesome. All she did was jump in and say, "Kill." Work. Let's go. "

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Jack: My hot take is that they wanted Paris Hilton to star, but she wasn't available, so they gave it to Kim. Paris is not a Virgo, but they clearly wrote Virgos as "yas slay" characters. This makes no sense, as this is not a Virgo's tendency at all.

Sarah: Virgos are very detailed, thoughtful, and down to earth. Virgo becoming the "yas slay" character was the most unbalanced decision on the roundtable. Big respect to Kim Petras for doing what she wanted to do, but if you took away their zodiac sign, I couldn't tell you who she was playing.

Jack: That's right. Now, do you know who Sadhguru is?

Sarah: No, I have to go find this person.

Jack: My Indian family loved him and listened to everything he said. My question is, how did J.Lo discover him? What does he have to do with this movie? Why did he officiate the wedding in the end?

Sarah: Sadhguru plays a Pisces, which we haven’t figured out yet. Even so, I'm actually obsessed with this astrology panel. I hope my life is like this.

Jack: Did you make the wrong choice? a little. Do I want them to control my life? Yes.

Sarah: I would give my life to these people without hesitation.

Jack: Especially Keke Palmer and Jane Fonda.

Sarah: Of course.

Jack: We have to talk about the last two guest stars who are not part of the astrology panel. I think Fat Joe is the MVP of the entire movie.

Sarah: Fat Joe is awesome.

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Jack: He's the heart and soul. He's been with J.Lo since Bennifer first broke up, and he's been working with her over the years. This makes sense.

Sarah: The only constant thing I love about this movie is Fat Joe’s constant presence as the voice of reason.

Jack: He would be a very interesting presence in the Zodiac group, but what about him as a therapist? I couldn't have written better myself.

Sarah: That being said, why didn't they make Sadhguru the therapist and Fat Joe join the group? Why did Sadhguru end up officiating the wedding?

Jack: Fat Joe could have hosted.

Sarah: You might be thinking.

Jake: We need to spend some time with Ben Affleck.

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High quality video

Sarah: I saw the end of the movie and the only thing we see is Ben on the motorcycle and when he walks up to her at the end. He's kind of like the muse that comes out at the end.

Jack: Yeah, he has a ghostly presence. It made sense for the two of them to set off on a motorcycle together.

Sarah: He came into her life because they dated young. She did all these things for 20 years and then he showed up again. So it does make sense to me that he's this otherworldly being. But then it was revealed that he was a news anchor?

Jack: Whoever did the makeup and prosthetics should win an award because I don't even recognize him.

Sarah: That was the biggest shock of the whole thing.

Jake: This reminds me of Christian Bale in "Veep." He goes through the whole transformation, playing Vice President Dick Cheney, but does nothing in the entire movie except for the last five minutes, where he delivers this monologue like a newscaster.

Sarah: I think Ben just wanted to hang around and do fun things, and they were like, "Of course you can be a newscaster." It gave that anchor feel.

Jake: This is Donald Trump meets the host .

Sarah: He gave us everything and more and played a hidden character. So, who (if anyone) do you think represents God in this movie? Fat Joe or Ben Affleck?

Jack: In a way, it’s both. I will never recover from this. I'm different.

This article has been edited and condensed for clarity .