Bachelorette fans hope for some big changes in season 2

"Bachelor" is popular among fans of the reality dating series, but they're hoping to see some big changes in season two.

While ABC has yet to renew The Bachelor spinoff for a second season, the show has already racked up some impressive ratings, which means a second season of The Bachelor is a strong possibility.

With that in mind, viewers have begun sharing their thoughts on season two. Taking to Reddit, one Golden Bachelor fan outlined the tweaks they'd like to see in Season 2, including an overhaul of the classic Bachelor format.

"Don't use the same Bachelor franchise 'formula.' This age group deserves its own model," they wrote, adding that producers should ditch the drama and "go deeper into what matters."

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nistedt for the Golden Bachelor Award . Craig Jordin/Disney Universal Entertainment Content/Getty Images

"Skip the helicopters and yachts and instead have contestants shop and cook together, decide what to watch on TV, hang the blinds and debate current affairs," they continued. “Add some spice and make it real!”

The changes suggested by Reddit users inspired other "Bachelor" fans to share their own thoughts on season 2, including location changes, longer episodes and "more mansion shenanigans."

Change location

The spinoff's first season was primarily filmed at the "Bachelor Mansion" in Agoura Hills, California, but some fans are hoping the show will change locations when it returns.

"Why not set the story in a bigger city like Love Is Blind ?" one fan suggested on Reddit. "This may increase the success rate for couples to stay together, and the gold medal contestants don't have to leave."

Theresa, Leslie, Faith and Gerry on "The Bachelor." Disney/John Fleno

Another user also shared a simple solution for contestants unwilling to move for love, adding: "Filter out those who can't move or make sure the cast live close to each other."

make it longer

Following the season one finale on November 30, The Bachelor will air for a total of eight weeks. However, some fans want the next show to be "extended by a few weeks."

"Let's take a look at the contestants' first two weeks as they prepare for the show," one viewer commented. “Let’s get to know them first so when they step out of the limo, we can understand their stories and choices.”

As for episode length, other fans said that Season 2's smaller number of contestants allowed viewers to "get to know the contestants better" during its typically hour-long running time.

The Bachelor cast. Disney/John Fleno

Will these proposed format changes be introduced in a potential second season? We'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, fans are gearing up for the all-important Bachelor season 1 finale, which airs after Thanksgiving on November 30.