Faith complicates Gerry and Teresa's relationship

The Bachelor's Faith Martin has opened up about her "confused" feelings about newlyweds Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist. During the Jan. 9 episode of the Almost Famous podcast, she said she was "very transparent" with the golden couple.

"When the news broke that Gerry and Teresa were together, Gerry and I would talk on the phone and I knew ahead of time. [I] love them both," Faith shared, adding that the trio “Always looking out for each other.”

"Teresa would say, 'He loved you very much,' and I would say, 'I love him too, and I love you too. We were going to be lifelong friends, right? And they were like, 'Yes,'" she added.

While Faith is "so excited" for Gerry and Teresa's new chapter, she also revealed that sometimes she "has to go to the bathroom and cry a little bit."

Faith and Gerry on "Bachelor." Disney/John Fleno

"I'm going to tell Theresa when I get back, I'm going to text her, 'Tell me how happy you are and how great this is going to be, because then my heart will heal,'" she continued.

Still very complicated

Faith also explained how it's "still a little difficult" to maintain a friendship with Gerry and Teresa after "Bachelor."

"I love him so much," she admitted. "I don't know that I could find those qualities in another person. So, I do feel a sense of loss, but I'm very excited for them."

Faith and Gerry on "Bachelor." ABC/Craig Shortin

Faith attended Gerry and Theresa's televised wedding on January 4, along with many of her "Bachelor" costars.

Although she failed to win Gerry's heart, Faith said her time on the show "made me feel good again."

She continued: "Knowing that I have a heart that's not dead inside and that I can actually gather these feelings and hold them in my heart makes me think, 'Okay, I'm alive. I just need to do it in a different way. Look at it.”

Dating life after The Bachelor

As for her dating life, Faith revealed on the Almost Famous podcast that she hasn't "been on a date or anything," but is feeling flirty.

"I flirted with someone really, really hard," she shared. "I was actually like, 'Yeah, it would be fun to meet that guy.'"