Rachel McAdams, Megan Thee Stallion and Reneé Rapp recreate viral memes

On Saturday, we take over SNL . That's how Plastics plays out this week, as Rachel McAdams, Reneé Rapp and Megan Thee Stallion gather at Studio 8H for Saturday Night Live on January 20th. McAdams made a surprise appearance while Rapp and Stallion performed their songs at Studio 8H. The new "Mean Girls" movie "Not My Fault."

“All Reginas”

Rapp was the official musical guest for the episode, and was first introduced by host Jacob Elordi before performing her ballad "Snow Angel." However, when she took the stage again, the audience was surprised by the appearance of McAdams. As many viewers pointed out in the comments of the YouTube video, it was a complete moment. McAdams played the queen bee character Regina George in 2004's Mean Girls , with Rapp taking over the baton in the 2024 musical film adaptation.

As for Meghan, she also considers herself Regina. She has long referred to herself as "the black Regina George," and essentially embodies her character in the new film and its soundtrack. She celebrated the fact on Instagram the night the SNL episode aired.

Meghan's post included a photo of her, McAdams and Rupp in a circle, pointing at each other. It's a rehash of a Spider-Man meme that's been floating around the internet for years. "Because well..." Meghan wrote in her caption, "all Regina's in one room."

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OG Mean Girls

Before and after the release of the new "Mean Girls," veteran stars were rooting for their successors. Like McAdams, Amanda Seyfried (Karen Smith) has met her match. On January 11, she showed off a playful photo with Avantika on Instagram. Meanwhile, original Cady Lindsay Lohan attended the January 8 premiere and — spoiler! - makes a brief cameo in the movie.

"I feel like if I could only surprise one person, the original movie would really be Lindsay's movie," writer and star Tina Fey recently told Entertainment Weekly . "As great as they all are, she is the heart of the film."

McAdams made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live and it looks like she made the most of meeting the other Regina. Watch Rapp and Megan's full performance below.

SNL airs Saturdays at 11:30 pm ET on NBC.