Nicola Coughlan's gauze bomber jacket is ruffled for a military take on the classic

Stereotypically masculine and feminine style elements collide in Nicola Coughlan's latest photo shoot. The "Bridgerton" star posed for the Los Angeles Times in a white gauze bomber jacket and sequined dress while promoting the first part of the upcoming third season.

Nicola's ruffled bomber jacket

Coughlan's Times feature included three photos of her wearing Selezza clothing. She wore the designer's signature Fleur Tulle bomber jacket and Laia midi skirt, a combination the brand also sported on content creator Elodie Russell. It gives Coughlan an angelic, girly vibe. Ironically, bombers are generally considered more masculine and were originally designed for military pilots.

When fans saw Coughlan's new photo, they certainly didn't expect anything to do with the military. "An angel walks among us. We don't deserve it," one person wrote in the comments section, while many others told her how "beautiful" she was.

Definitely doesn't look like a wallflower. As Coughlan told The Times , she had to "go into the light," just like her character Penelope Featherington in Bridgerton . (In season three, Coughlan takes on a larger role as Penelope finally gets a chance to tell her own mesmerizing love story after years of silently pining for Colin Bridgerton.) This The $600 bomber makes a statement and can be purchased by aspiring diamond lovers. spinning.

Fleur gauze bomber jacket Selezza London

heroine status

Coughlan has been showing off her new leading lady status during press tours for Bridgerton Season 3. Her role was limited to Regency-era fashion, but Coughlan kept playing with a variety of looks. One of her most memorable dresses was a one-of-a-kind custom-made gown by Misho that she wore to the Bridgerton press conference in April. It's black and plated with 22-carat gold. Oh, and it's adorned with an anatomical heart.

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The brand wrote on Instagram at the time: "Inspired by Nicola's character in the beloved show, the bodice is embellished with heart shapes and is a modern sculpture of Penelope Featherington's journey of love and finding herself this season. Interpretation.”

This is how you step into the light.