Courteney Cox honors Jennifer Aniston's birthday with Matthew Perry clip

Courteney Cox is proving she has her friends' backs, especially Jennifer Aniston. In celebration of her costar's 55th birthday on February 11, Cox shared a loving tribute on Instagram that included a tribute to the late actor Matthew Perry.

In the slideshow, Cox shared two throwback photos of her and Aniston together, followed by a video of one of Aniston's many scenes with Perry. "Not sure why this is one of my favorite clips," she wrote in the caption. "I think it's because no one else in the world can make that sound so cute."

In the scene, Aniston's Rachel Green tells Perry's Chandler Bing, "Monica just broke my shell lamp," which sounds both frustrating and ridiculous and endearing.

"Happy birthday, my dear Jeanne Louise," Cox continued in the caption. "Not sure why I called her that...but I do love you." Aniston seemed to appreciate the gesture, responding in the comments: "You broke it! I love you."

Courteney Cox pays tribute to Jennifer Aniston on Instagram. Courteney Cox/Instagram

Aniston also marked her birthday on Instagram, sharing a video looking back on her life so far. The nostalgic clip starts with Rachel's birthday from Friends , then goes back to a series of photos from Aniston's childhood before jumping to the present day. The actor captioned the video "Gratitude" and shared Stanley Kunitz's poem "Layers."

In the comments section, Aniston received birthday wishes from the likes of Florence Pugh, Leslie Mann, Juliette Lewis and Isla Fisher. Her friend Gwyneth Paltrow wrote: "Can't love you more. Happy joy you beautiful human being!"

The cast of "Friends" has remained close since the show wrapped in 2004. Earlier this month, Aniston reunited with co-star David Schwimmer for UberEats' Super Bowl commercial. In the ad, she forgets who he is. "Well, we've been working together for 10 years," he said. As she walked away, she replied, "It's like I forgot ten years of my life."