Sofia Vergara corrects misconceptions about her Griselda transformation

In her latest series, Sofia Vergara transforms into notorious Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco. The makeup artist was instrumental in making her look like Griselda's character, and she had to spend hours in makeup before filming. So when Kelly Clarkson said "they just changed [her] nose or something" during a Jan. 24 talk show interview, Vergara didn't have it.

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Vergara looked genuinely stunned after Clarkson made comments about her Griselda transformation. "What?!" she asked, before adding: "Are you crazy?" while Clarkson tried to explain what she was thinking. After Clarkson said the change seemed "minimal," she chimed in again and clarified, "No, Kelly, it's been a few hours."

While Vergara seemed amused by the whole situation, she was definitely not willing to let Clarkson minimize his efforts to change her appearance. She told the talk show host to "shut up" and briefly said: "That's a wig! So many! They did so much to me. It's the teeth, it's the wig, it's the nose, it's plastic from here to here of."

After Vergara expressed it, Clarkson was better able to make her point. She said she thought the transition was "seamless" and that they made her look like "a different actress." This reassured Vergara. "I love that you think it's just a little thing because it means it looks natural," she says.

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Become Griselda

Considering Vergara spent 11 years playing Gloria on the hit sitcom "Modern Family," it was important for her to have people see her in a different way. "I have an incredible team of hair and makeup designers who do an incredible job creating this character set in the world of '70s and '80s Miami," she said in a Netflix press note. "It was very important to me to keep the right look because I needed to disappear. I didn't want anyone to think that I or my last role was Gloria Pritchett."

Director Andres Baez (one of Vergara's executive producers) said the hair and makeup team didn't try to make her look exactly like Blanco. "She wanted to feel like a different person, but she didn't want prosthetics or makeup to take over her performance," he said. "It has to be subtle."

Sofia Vergara "Griselda" provided by Netflix

Her makeup artist, Todd McIntosh, breaks down her transformation process and lays out some of the key components. These include eyebrow sets with false eyebrows on top, prosthetic noses and dental trays. Executive producer Eric Newman told The Hollywood Reporter that she spent three hours doing it before filming.

No wonder Vergara wants to set the record straight with Clarkson. Watch their full exchange below.

Griselda is streaming on Netflix.