Addison Rae's 'Shake It' video makes fans nostalgic

The most clever use of late 2000s internet nostalgia is... Addison Rae. On November 20, the TikTok triple threat posted a video in which she and her Thanksgiving partner dance to Metro Station's seminal bop hit "Shake It."

Amazingly, it gave everyone on X (formerly Twitter) the throwback 2008 moment we didn't know we needed (and made us feel old in the process).

The viral video shows the Thanksgiving cast lip-syncing to lyrics, dancing with their dogs and creating mismatched dance numbers. All of this is shot in horror movie classroom-style settings and chambers, which only adds to the middle school flashback atmosphere. "Happy Thanksgiving from our little family," Ray wrote in the video.

The clip was shot entirely on a MacBook, using classic Photo Booth video filters, and edited using iMovie like most DIY dance videos.

It's not a huge budget, but it's enough to evoke nostalgia for 2008.

2008 Nostalgia

Fans on

"Oh this literally means...everything to me," one fan wrote, calling it "pure nostalgia for a kid from the 2000s," while another commented, "Cousin going Bring it back to 2008 and she had no idea she killed it."

2023 Thanksgiving Los Angeles Fan Screening. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One fan said the video was "making a music video with friends and coding it to post on Facebook," while another commented, "This video gives off the 'computer in Photo Booth' The energy of hanging out in the lab was just perfect.”

"She went to Justin Bieber's MacBook photo booth music video school," one user said.

historical moment

One said the video was "quite literally probably the most important thing she's ever done for pop culture," while another writer bravely claimed that Ray succeeded in something that many wouldn't be able to do without trying.

They say: "Long after that period ended, many directors tried and failed to capture the feel of a hyper-specific cultural perception, and compared to the flavor of 2008 that Addison Rae successfully concocted here Total failure."

She may make us feel old, but at least she's doing a good job.