Hailey Bieber wears bra as shirt in 30-degree weather

True fans of Hailey Bieber know that you have to keep an eye on the model's Instagram if you want to keep up with her ever-changing aesthetic.

Bieber is known for tagging her frequent style changes in her IG captions (see: strawberry girl summer and cinnamon cookie butter hair), and recent posts suggest she's entering the winter era for the holidays. And, no, this isn't your ordinary down-coat, thick scarf, snow boots seasonal swap.

Her take on the holiday party look included a snowy scene, chill girl makeup and a bra...?

Hailey looks like she's barely wearing any clothes

After dabbling in the world of ballet (with bows and Mary Janes) over the past few months, Bieber has finally delved into the new aesthetic, captioning her latest photo "Sugar Plum" — an apparent nod to the classic Nutcracker character tribute.

While the look had a ballerina-like authenticity to it, it wouldn't be Bieber's look without at least one NSFW feature. Her first spicy choice? The sequined miniskirt fits perfectly with her recent love affair with tiny skirts.

She kept the glam vibe going in a white lace bra layered over a tiny pink camisole. Considering the obvious winter location, the risky choice – the risky choice was well rewarded.

Hailey Bieber/Instagram

It's almost criminal to cover up such a good look with a huge down jacket. So the Rhode Skin founder opted for a more glamorous route, wearing an ivory feathered coat to protect her from the Colorado chill (she's currently married to husband Justin as well as Kendall Jenner and Nina Dobrev Waiting for A-list stars to enjoy après-ski vacation together).

Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Her first foray into this sartorial aesthetic came in November, when she shared a tutorial for her "Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup" on TikTok. It's paired with ultra-rosy cheeks, shimmering icy-pink eyes, and glossy fuchsia lips (her limited-edition Rod Peptide lip gloss in jelly bean)—which she's no doubt rocking in her latest beauty serum a little.

Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Big coat is her new choice

Speaking of holiday OOTN, Bieber uses the same winter jacket styles time and time again.

A week before she donned the fairy look, she styled a similar bright crimson fur jacket for the Lorde Skins Holiday Party. The final ensemble, paired with an equally minimalist metallic ruby ​​miniskirt, sparked the obsession with fluffy fashion.

Hailey Bieber/Instagram