Millie Bobby Brown explains her accent change after social media backlash

Millie Bobby Brown has been busy giving interviews to promote her new film Girls . She talked about stunts that made her cry, her upcoming wedding, and her adorable dog Winnie, among other topics, but one of the biggest talking points among fans was her accent. With so many fans weighing in on it recently, Brown finally decided to "talk" about the situation in an interview with TikToker Max Balegde.

Addressing accent backlash

After some of her recent interviews, fans asserted that Brown's British accent has been replaced by an American one. For example, one of the most popular comments on a YouTube video of her February 29 appearance on The Tonight Show claimed that she sounded like "she was doing an American accent." Another viewer called Brown's cadence "too American," while another lamented that her British accent was "barely there anymore."

The backlash didn't go unnoticed by Brown. When Balegard criticized, she rolled her eyes. At first, she asked Balegard to defend her, explaining how spending a long time in another country can affect your accent. She then seized the opportunity to defend herself.

"Let me say something real quick," Brown said. "So, I'm an actor, I grew up in the public eye, I grew up in America, I come on set, I'm an actor, I adapt. So I want to imitate people."

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try your best

"When I'm with my fiancé, or when I'm with someone like Jimmy Fallon who has a thick American accent, I can't help but want to replicate that," Brown added. "Now that I'm in England I want to replicate that."

Brown further clarified that she wasn't consciously speaking one way or another — it just happened. "I didn't mean to, and I'm sorry if I offended you, okay?" she said. "But listen, I'm trying my best."

unique background

As Brown and Balegard point out, her accent understandably changes based on the accents around her. Although Brown is British, she was born in Spain and lived there until her family moved back to England when she was four. She also spent much of her childhood in the United States, first in Florida and then in California, as her parents supported her dream of becoming an actress.

"We've been through hard times," Brown told the Daily Mail in August 2016 of her family's sacrifice. "I never dreamed this would happen," she said of her breakout success with "Stranger Things ."