'The Bachelor' Gerry and Teresa have new ideas for where to live

With just days left until their wedding, the First Bachelor couple are still figuring out how to put their lives together. Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist appeared on Live with Kelly and Mark on Dec. 26 to give fans a sneak peek at what the newlyweds might call the house Home city latest situation. It turns out there's a new and surprising front-runner - a city they seemed to have ruled out.

great compromise

The question of where Turner would move with his future bride has been an issue during his tenure as the golden bachelor. After the finale aired, fans saw him propose to Nestor, who revealed that they had something in common in terms of where they wanted to live. He told People that he had been interested in Charleston, South Carolina, for years and was excited to discover that Nestor had a son living in the area.

"All of a sudden, a big problem disappeared," Turner told the outlet. "It's no longer an issue of compromising on issues like where to live and how to reconcile families."

Initially, their plans to move to Charleston included saying goodbye to his home in Indiana and her home in New Jersey. Now, however, they are no longer so sure. Turner told live hosts Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos that he has really enjoyed living in New Jersey ever since he started visiting Nist.

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Moving...with nowhere to go?

"You know, early on, we thought Charleston would be a great area," he said on the air . "I talked about living there; she has family there. But since I've been to New Jersey a few times, I really like the area."

Turner noted that they plan to explore both areas while house hunting, "which will make it twice as fun." He explained that New Jersey's "real selling point" to him is that it's "beautiful" and close to the ocean. Nestor, meanwhile, seems to be getting in on the action, if her smile as her fiancé talks about his newfound love for her hometown is any indication.

But first, a wedding

For now, their focus is on their upcoming wedding. The couple will marry in a televised ceremony on January 4 and they are beyond excited. Turner posted three photos on Instagram on Dec. 31 with the caption: "A lazy afternoon on New Year's Eve, just days away from our wedding." After that, it was really time to make sure they wanted to A place to live together.