Every Bennifer Easter Egg in J.Lo's 'This Is Me...Now' Trailer

More than a year after announcing her new album, Jennifer Lopez finally reveals This Is Me... Now Released on In a very unexpected way. On November 27, J.Lo announced that her long-awaited ninth album will be accompanied by a musical film, which will premiere on Prime Video on February 16.

She teases "This Is Me...Now" to be her first studio album in over a decade, coming just after Thanksgiving 2022, in honor of her critically acclaimed album "This Is Me...Then" 20th anniversary, the album was inspired by her Relationship with Ben Affleck in 2002 . The new tracklist includes nods to their 2021 reconciliation, such as "Dear Ben Pt." two. "

In a press release, This Is Me...Now is described as "a narrative-driven, intimate, reflective, sexy, funny, fantastical and highly entertaining musical and visual reimagining." of her love life under public scrutiny."

Of course, the first trailer showed off several Bennifer Easter eggs, from J.Lo's first breakup with Affleck to his surprising role in the musical.

pink dress

Affleck proposed to Lopez in 2002, when they were first engaged, wearing a stunning pink diamond ring that inspired Charli XCX's song "Pink Diamond" nearly 20 years later. . Now, fans think J.Lo wore a pink dress to pay homage to the infamous piece of jewelry in the trailer... while appearing to burn a love letter.

Love letter from 2002

The letter J.Lo read was dated Christmas Eve 2002. This happens to be a month after Bennifer officially announced the two (for the first time) and announced their engagement in her "Jenny From the Block" music video. She burns the letter in the fireplace to commemorate their first split, but when a hummingbird appears, things begin to take a turn.


After J.Lo throws the letter into the fireplace, a hummingbird taps on the glass window of her apartment. "Hummingbird," a song from "This Is Me...Now ," she called the animals "messengers of love" in her December "On the J.Lo" newsletter.

She even made them the theme of her first Christmas with Affleck's blended family. "I wanted to have a tree in the house, a hummingbird tree, to remind us that everything done with love and with love will be okay," she wrote.

song selection

Rather than previewing a new song from "This Is Me...Now, " J.Lo opted to use "Still," the opener from "This Is Me...Then." It emphasizes the connection between the two albums and marks the progress the couple has made since 2002.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, 2002. Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

Affleck's role

While the trailer doesn't hint at Affleck's involvement (other than the album being partially about him), a press release revealed that he actually co-wrote the film This Is Me with J.Lo and screenwriter Matt Walton. .Now》 .

Considering Affleck won an Oscar for writing the screenplay for Good Will Hunting , it would make sense that J.Lo would ask him to help write the screenplay of their love story.