Ashley Iaconetti Haibon Has a Theory About Gerry & Theresa's Divorce

Another Bachelor Nation star has weighed in on Gerry Turner and Teresa Nestor's divorce. Ashley Iaconetti Haibon ( The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise ) discusses the breakup of the Bachelor couple's marriage in an interview with Hollywood Life, saying she believes the couple "hated each other ".

"I think it was a mutual dislike," she continued, adding that once the cameras stopped rolling. "The time span is so short. It's very atypical because they start filming in late August and then finish filming in the first week of October or even mid-September," she added.

She also noted that, to avoid spoilers, the couple may not have spent much time together between the show's November 2023 finale and the live golden wedding.

"They lived in the same place for four weeks before they got married," she said. "I just thought it was crazy, I thought in four weeks you were going to be sick."

Gerry and Teresa met on the debut season of "The Bachelor ," the latest spinoff of the "Bachelor" franchise. After getting engaged on the show's finale, the couple tied the knot in a televised ceremony on January 4.

Disney/John Flanore/"Bachelor"/ABC

On April 12, Gerry and Teresa announced their divorce in a joint interview with "Good Morning America." The couple confirmed in an interview with host Juju Chang that failure to agree on a permanent home was the reason for their decision.

Along with Haibon, news of the breakup prompted a wave of reactions from Bachelor Nation stars, many of whom were more sensitive than Haibon. Kathy Swarts, for example, was one of the first to comment on the "tragic" breakup. "Please people be kind. These are our friends," she said on Instagram. "The love didn't work out, but they were wonderful people. Our hearts break for them."

The show's runner-up Faith Martin also shared her thoughts on the couple's divorce in an interview with People magazine. "I'm sure it was a traumatic thing for both of them," she said. "My heart goes out to them. I believe everything will be fine in the long run and hopefully one day they will look back and smile."