Zayn Malik opens up about split from Gigi Hadid

In an interview with NYLON , Zayn Malik opened up about his past relationship with Gigi Hadid. The singer and model began dating in 2015 and welcomed their first child, daughter Khai, in 2020. However, Malik and Hadid decided to end their relationship in October 2021.

Malik admitted in an interview with NYLON that he may have rushed into the six-year relationship. "Gi and I were together from 21 to 27 and we had a child," he told the outlet. “I didn’t spend a lot of time getting to know myself.”

The singer continued, "Before you completely invest in another person as a life partner, it might be wise to take your time." Malik also spoke about being the father of Kai, now 3, who he says "50 percent of the time" Both are Kay's dad, adding, "90 percent of the time I would have her if I could."

Malik also opened up about his engagement to Little Mix singer and X Factor alum Perrie Edwards. The couple dated for four years between 2011 and 2015, at the height of Malik's One Direction fame. Malik proposed to Edwards in 2013, but the engagement was called off two years later due to their breakup.

“I didn’t know anything at the time,” Malik said of the relationship. "I thought I did it because I was only 21. The law allowed me to do everything, but I didn't know."

Zayn Malik and Perry Edwards. Disney/Shutterstock

During the Nylon interview, Malik also discussed his dating life before fame in his hometown of Bradford, England. "I never really had a girlfriend," he recalls. “My parents were kind of old-school, so I never brought girlfriends home or anything.”

When the singer finally got the chance to bring a partner home, he jumped at the chance. "I just jumped in, two feet first, thinking, 'I'm going to have a girlfriend and she's going to live with me. This makes me an adult,'" he added.

Although Malik's past relationships are well known, he recently admitted on The Zach Sand Show podcast that he 's not sure he's ever found love, telling the titular host, "I don't know if I've really found love at this point. In love,"