Emma Stone doesn't look interested in Jimmy Kimmel's Oscars joke

Emma Stone had a big night at the Oscars, but there's one thing she didn't seem happy about. The actor didn't seem interested in host Jimmy Kimmel's joke about her movie Poor Things during the 2024 Oscars.

Midway through the ceremony, a montage introduced "Poor Things" as one of the ten Best Picture nominees. Kimmel then joked about the film's sexually explicit content. "These are all parts of 'Poor Things' that we're allowed to show on television," he said.

The camera then cuts to Stone shaking her head in the audience, looking angry, and saying something cryptic to her husband, Dave McCary. Naturally, social media does the best lip reading. Most viewers concluded that she appeared to be saying "he's an asshole," but others suggested she might have said "oh, come on" or "oh my god."

It's unclear exactly what she said or how upset she was. Stone has appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" multiple times, most recently in November to promote her Showtime series Cursed , suggesting she has a good relationship with the host.

Emma Stone won the Best Actress Award for "Poor Things" at the 96th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California on March 10, 2024. Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Regardless of how she felt, later that night, Stone won the best actress award for her role as Bella Baxter, a character-like character in "Poor Thing." A woman like Frankenstein was born with the brain of a toddler.

She made her own joke during her acceptance speech, blaming Ryan Gosling's performance at the Oscars for causing the back of her dress to rip. "I'm pretty sure this happened during 'I'm Just Ken,'" she said.

After thanking the "Poor Things" team and other nominees, Stone concluded her speech by citing Taylor Swift while thanking her loved ones. "Most importantly, my daughter turns three in three days and she makes our lives colorful. I love you more than the sky, my girl," she said, nodding to Swift's Midnight song "Bigger than the entire sky".

Even after winning, Kimmel made another joke about Stone. As she walked off the stage, the host nodded to the 2017 Oscars fiasco and said, "Guys, make sure we rip that envelope off so it doesn't get confused with Best Picture." That year, the host Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced that "La La Land" instead of "Moonlight" won the best picture award because they received Stone's medal for best actress in a musical. instead.