The gentle workout Karlie Kloss recommends

In Chill Chat, Bustle sits down with celebrities to talk all things wellness, from their favorite skincare products to tips for a good night's sleep. Here, Karlie Kloss shares her undeniable wellness rituals and the best beauty treatments she's ever had.

At just 31 years old, Karlie Kloss has already experienced a lot in life.

The Missouri native became a Victoria's Secret Angel at the age of 21. In 2015, she founded Kode With Klossy, a company that creates tech opportunities for young women. Fast forward to today, and the mother of two has learned a lot about coping with change.

"In life as a mother, you don't lose yourself—you evolve," Krause tells Bustle. "My fashion career is still a core part of who I am, but I'm also an entrepreneur and I just had my second child." While she still prioritizes all aspects of her daily wellness, there are times when things slip.

"If there's anything that takes it, it's probably taking a few extra steps in my skin care routine, but I make sure to make time to sweat or even just go for a walk and get some fresh air," she says.

In between modeling gigs, working with the company to educate the next generation of intellectuals, and being invited to the Met Gala every year, Kloss is forming a partnership with Coterie, A subscription-based diaper service designed to ease the burden on parents.

Here, Krause talks all things motherhood, the wellness rituals she swears by, and finding moments of self-care within them. Her busy schedule.

What has changed since baby number two was born?

Not cliches, but everything - in the most beautiful way.

That’s what the [Coterie] campaign is really about – change. I look in the mirror, I still have mascara from last night, and I don't even think I've run a brush through my hair today.

My self-care routine has definitely become more efficient and maybe a little neglected, but that’s okay. I’m enjoying this phase of my life and it’s made me a better person in many ways.

As a businesswoman, I've become more efficient and made decisions faster, which I think a lot of working moms can relate to. It's not even possible to predict what's coming, but the most beautiful changes force you to grow.

What's your skin care routine like these days?

I just take better care of my skin so I don't need to wear as much makeup. I find this to be a better investment of my time, so at the end of the day I diligently remove my makeup, cleanse, toner, apply serum and retinol.

Are there some non-negotiables that you make time for throughout the day?

I would say fitness. I exercise more for my mental health. I find this to be a core part of my mental health.

I'm not too focused on high impact or intensity - after having baby number two, I instituted a more gentle exercise regimen, so I've been doing a lot of Pilates lately, which I find helps me in other areas Performing better in sports is a part of my life.

What’s on your workout playlist?

Anything Beyoncé.

What’s the most alternative health remedy you’ve ever tried?

There's a guy called "Beauty Sandwich" who has some kind of ultrasound technology for facials. I do his treatment before the Met Gala or a big red carpet, and it does something magical to the muscles under your face, your jaw, your neckline - it just tightens and tightens in some mysterious, magical way. Tighten.

Coffee or tea?

Always iced coffee. There is snow on the ground in New York and I just went out for an iced coffee this morning.

Physical book or Kindle?

In fact, I love audiobooks. Especially now, I'm always on the go or on the go, so I like to put on my headphones and listen to audiobooks.

Do you prefer catwalks or photo shoots?

I do love the energy of walking in a fashion show – it’s like a live performance and that adrenaline rush never gets old.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

My dad always said to my sisters and me, “Whatever you do, you should do it the best you can.” Both my parents instilled in me the idea of ​​pursuing your passion and striving for excellence. This has always bothered me.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity .