Lisa Ann Walter hopes to host parent-teacher gathering at Abbott Elementary School

Lisa Ann Walter of Abbott Elementary School is about to attend the Parent Trap Party.

Walter, who plays Melissa Schemmenti on the hit sitcom, discussed her ideal Abbott Elementary guest star on Entertainment Tonight on Jan. 14. Top of her list? Walt's former " The Parent Trap" co-star Lindsay Lohan.

"I guess we have to make her related because we're both redheads — because I'm a 'redhead' and she actually is," Walter joked on the Critics' Choice Awards red carpet. "I would be happy. It would be fun."

Walt and Lohan co-starred in Disney's 1998 remake of Nancy Meyers. The film tells the story of twins Halle and Annie Parker (both played by Lohan), who reunite after being separated following their parents' divorce.

Walter played the beloved character Cece, the butler to the twins' father, Nick Parker (Dennis Quaid), in The Parent Trap .

Lindsay Lohan and Lisa Ann Walter in The Parent Trap . Walt Disney Studios/"The Parent Trap"

Walt and Lohan still keep in touch

More than 25 years have passed since Walter and Lohan appeared on screen together, and the two still stay in touch.

Following the birth of Lohan's first child in the summer of 2023, Walter offered the "Mean Girls" star some new mom advice.

"She posted something and I think it was because she was tired," Walter told People . "I immediately went into mom mode, 'When he naps, you take a nap, make sure you're asleep, no matter how you look - you're fine', just all the advice given."

Lindsay Lohan and Lisa Ann Walter. Jamie McCarthy/WireImage/Getty Images

Walter's Abbott Elementary School Wish List

In addition to Lohan, Walter revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Whoopi Goldberg and Wanda Sykes are also on her Abbott Elementary wish list.

"Whoopi Goldberg made the first big movie I was in. She was the star. She was so good to me and had such a beautiful soul. She took care of me when my heart was broken," Walter said. "And Wanda Sykes, I started comedy with her."