The book ending of "A Complete Man" is back to square one

Netflix's new limited series "Whole Man" is adapted from Tom Wolfe's 1998 novel of the same name, with a strong filmmaking team dedicated to bringing the late author's work to life. Regina King serves as executive producer and directs several episodes, while David E. Kelley of "Big Little Lies" fame serves as showrunner, writer and executive producer Filmmaker.

As if the talent behind the scenes isn't exciting enough, the show (which opens May 2) is already being compared to Succession . And for good reason! "The Whole Man" centers on business magnate Charlie Crocker as he engages in a chaotic battle for the fate of his empire.

With over 700 pages of twists and turns about business, backstabbing, and unexpected connections, it's quite a tome—so if you'd like a quick recap of the ending and summary of " The Complete Man," Just look here.

Meet Charlie Crocker

Charlie Crocker may be the novel's protagonist, but he's certainly not a hero. "You play a larger-than-life guy who doesn't know he's funny but is funny to the audience, and there's a kind of descent from a man's man to maybe just a regular guy," Jay, who plays Charlie, husband Daniels told "It's like a free fall from being so rich and then having the banks take all the money. It's like a free fall. It's fun to play."

Mark Hill/Netflix

The novel begins with Charlie's business and he is deeply in debt. Lawyer Roger comes to him and proposes an unusual solution. Roger wants Charlie to help publicly show support for footballer Fariq, who has been accused of rape. Roger also worked with Mayor Wes Jordan, who wanted to prevent Farrick's case from causing racial divisions in the city of Atlanta. Roger and Wes, old friends, come up with a way to get Charlie's debt forgiven if he supports Farik at an upcoming press conference.

full loop connection

At the same time, another incident occurred in the county. Conrad worked at a food warehouse owned by Charlie's Company in San Francisco. Charlie shut down the site to relieve some of the debt, which resulted in Conrad losing his job. This set off a chain of events that ultimately landed him in jail.


An earthquake causes Conrad to break out of prison and flee to the Atlanta area, where he finds work as a home health worker, supporting Charlie after recent knee surgery. In the process of getting along, Charlie learned the philosophy of Stoicism from Conrad. This change of heart led Charlie to deny Farik's claims, disclose his trading attempts, and give away his fortune—eventually fleeing to Florida and becoming a televangelist.

Despite Charlie's sudden about-face, Wes ultimately won re-election.

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