Taylor Swift pauses Eras tour to help struggling fans

Taylor Swift puts her fans’ safety first. The singer performed the second night of her Eras tour on May 30 in Madrid, Spain. During the ballad "Betty," Swift suddenly paused her performance when she noticed a distressed fan in the crowd.

Swift glanced at security and pointed at the audience, speaking into the microphone: "Ayuda porfavor," which translates in English as "please help." The moment was captured on fan video.

After the show, Swift's fans praised the singer's quick response. "This is why we love her," one Swiftie wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "I'm so impressed with the way she performs perfectly while staying focused on her fans," another commented. "She really cares and makes everything important."

A similar incident occurred during her performance in Lisbon, Portugal. On May 24, as she played "A Champagne Problem" on the piano, she urged concert security personnel to help a troubled fan, telling them, "Please help." Please help them. "

Taylor Swift performs on the Eras tour. André Díaz Nobre/AFP/Getty Images

This isn't the only time Swift has paused her Eras tour. On May 21, while performing in Stockholm, Sweden, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her blue wrap dress got tangled up.

In a fan video, Swift instructs her fans to "talk to each other," while she rushes to the piano and begins to struggle with the outfit. A staff member rushed to the scene to help and unbuttoned his clothes as the crowd cheered.

Swift also briefly stopped performing in Madrid on May 29, when she made a point of thanking her friend Blake Lively, who was bringing her daughter on the Eras tour. "I have to say, some of my favorite characters in 'Folklore' are named James, Inez, and Betty," Swift said on stage, referring to her song "Betty," which features Lay The names of three girls in Foley.